If you’re about to host a birthday party, family reunion or a barbecue bash – you’re probably wondering how to keep all guests entertained, especially if lot of them are kids. If you’re searching to find good activities for kids to get them all involved, cooperating, playing as a team, having a great work out to get out that extra energy – having Backyard or Family Olympics is a great idea!

Family Olympics will be a memorable event! Everything from preparations, choosing teams, healthy competitive spirit that strengthens relationships, colorful and creative clothes, tags and rewards will be fun activities for kids. Whether you decide to make it one of the indoor family games (like singing, drawing or dancing competition), host it in your backyard, or even somewhere outdoor on vacation (out on the snow or on the beach), these family game ideas will be a hit.

Tips on how to host a successful Family Olympics

More at: http://kidsfirstcommunity.com/healthy-living/activities-for-kids-5-fun-family-olympics-game-ideas/

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