Life has its infinite ways of distracting and separating us from our families. Good parenting is not an easy task when an average child spends most of the day with teachers, friends or playing computer games. It is said that for each negative interaction any successful relationship has to have five positive ones. How can you nourish family bonding when you spend most of the time away from them?

5 ways to improve relationships in your family

Good parenting is not possible if there’s no emotional connection between parents and children. These tips will help you stay in sync or re-connect with your family:

Prioritize your family. Your family comes first – this is the basic and most important rule of good parenting and a well-balanced family life. Whenever you’re faced with difficult decisions (whether it’s about work, friends, finances etc.) let this be your guideline – take care of your family first no matter what. When your heart and mind prioritize something else rather than your family, it will reflect in any thought, action or decision you make. You can’t expect others to be emotionally attached to you, care for you or respect you if you’re showing with your words and actions that just about anything is more important than them.

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