10 Healthy (and Easy) Breakfasts to Make on New Year’s Day

  1. Vanilla Celebration Chia Pudding
    It doesn’t get more festive than a breakfast topped with sprinkles. Coconut milk, chia seeds, vanilla, and maple syrup are put together overnight so you can enjoy chia pudding in the a.m.
  2. Skinny Kale and Butternut Squash Quiche
    Egg whites save on calories and fat while the basil and cayenne add flavor and heat. Cook the butternut squash the day before so you can throw it together quickly in the morning.
  3. Strawberry Kombucha Mimosa
    Toast to a happy and healthy 2017 with a mimosa. The strawberry hibiscus kombucha is good for your gut and pairs perfectly with OJ and champagne.
  4. Healthy Blueberry Greek Yogurt Scones
    Each scone has 160 calories with about 5 grams of protein from the Greek yogurt. The batch makes six, great for guests or breakfast the rest of the week.

More at: http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/recipes/breakfast/healthy-breakfast-ideas-new-years-day/?page=4

Author: justinurbas

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