How to make maths interesting to kids? Know from David Justin Urbas

Teaching math to the kids may not be as easy as you think it. Usually the children do not have any interest on maths. To make the subject fun to them, sometimes you will need to go beyond the pencil and books. Here David Justin Urbas has suggested some simple strategies which will help the kids to learn maths faster.

Start the process with counting:

Teaching your kids mathematics starts with giving her an idea about the numbers. Parents can help a lot to teach kids how to count objects. At the initial stage, you should give her some idea about numbers with help of objects. When this process is repeated and she becomes familiar with it, you can let the kid to apply basic math principles. For instance, let the child do simple addition and subtractions. It will also help her to have better idea on numbers.

Use objects you know while teaching maths:

It is discussed already that you will have to use a number of objects while teaching maths. The items like books, fruits, buttons, cars or any other thing with which he or she is familiar with will be perfect for such sessions. When the basic lessons are completed, you should try to teach her to do basic math functions such as addition, subtraction or multiplication with these objects.
Although using everyday objects can make maths funnier, it is important to remember that the objects do not need to be identical always. For instance, counting any single fruit like apple may be fun to your kid. But, when he/ she is given with a varieties of fruits, counting will be more interesting.

Opt for games:

The simple math games can also make the subject interesting to your kids. There are several such games available in market. Buy any one as per your kid’s preference and help him/her to learn maths using it. If you feel that it is the time to move to next level, bring the advanced version of maths board game. Letting your kids to participate in different maths quiz also will help him/her to learn new things.

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