Top Content Marketing Tips To Follow in 2017

Renowned content marketer Justin Urbas has some fundamental content marketing tips for business writers.

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Creating content for effective marketing is a task that requires a certain amount of skill and expertise. Quality content can play a huge role in generating customer engagement, eventually influencing purchase decisions. Renowned content marketer Justin Urbas has some fundamental content marketing tips for business writers. Let’s have a look:

Fundamental Content Marketing Tips for Online Success

1. Invest in paid social ads – If you are trying to promote a blog post link shared on social media or a social media post, it is quite logical to invest in paid social ads. You do not need to break the bank, as something as nominal as $50 can work pretty well initially.

2. Don’t push too hard – Being convincing is one thing and shoving things down their throat is another. Your content should not to be too pushy or potential customers will know that you’re trying to hard. You lose valuable points with them.

3. Long descriptive content – If you are seeking better search rank and offer a better customer experience, long descriptive content is a powerful tool. Content that reaches the 1000+ mark is preferred by most current search engine algorithms.

4. Bring some variety – Maintaining a blog and keeping the interest of readers takes some creative thinking. You should always aim to achieve some variety in your blog posts, and explore different topics. That can raise engagement further and bring in new readers too.

5. Use visuals – Text content can give better results if you incorporate attractive visuals with them. It is truly the age of video and image, as customer attention spans are growing shorter every day. Interesting imagery can leave a more lasting impact on the minds of readers.

Content Marketing, Content Writing, Online Content

6. Try guest blogging – You are presenting yourself as an authority when you make guest blog posts on relevant websites belonging to your specific industry. It is one of the best ways of sending traffic back to your website.

7. Create social presence – One way of maximizing exposure and getting better traffic volumes is creating a robust social presence across all platforms. Create accounts on most of the popular social media channels, and share any fresh content to them upon publication.

8. Simple headlines – The headline is the first view of readers into your content and what it’s about. It is recommended that content marketers use simple and concise headlines, without difficult vocabulary.

9. Work with a sound strategy – Successful content marketing is a systematic process, that builds up the interest of audiences on a regular basis. For this, it is important to formulate a foolproof content strategy.

10. Create value through words – It is quite simple. Right from the start, you must devise ways of creating significant value for readers, Give them reasons to subscribe to your blogs, follow your posts and interact with them. Content should be engaging and useful, and never useless filler.

11. Focus on industry trends – This is one of the fundamentals which is known to each and every content marketer. It just has to be done well. You can make posts regarding the latest industry specific trends, and discuss how they will impact your readers.

The above mentioned tips can be implemented to breathe life into your content marketing efforts, Consulting with an experienced writer can also give you a better idea about effective business and web content.


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