Associate or Bachelor Degree – Which Should You Choose?

If you are planning to build your career quickly, especially in technical or skill-labor industry, an associate degree would be an apt educational course.

Higher Education, Justin Urbas

After school, it becomes quite daunting to decide a course for your career. Whether you should opt for a bachelor degree or an associate is completely your choice. To make your decision simple and easy, here are top five reasons that will let you decide which educational path can lead you to a better career.

5 Striking Differences Between Associate and Bachelor:

Time – The basic difference between these two courses is the amount of time required to earn degrees. A bachelor course requires four years, whereas, an associate program requires two years to complete. But, in case of part-time students, the duration differs and it takes longer to complete to earn each degree.

Cost – The exact price of these course programs differs in each school. But, in general, the cost of achieving associate is less than earning a bachelor degree. This is largely due to lesser time investment on the part of students.

Level of coursework – According to Justin Urbas, there are two ways of getting an associate degree. Firstly, one has to prepare oneself for a specific domain, by getting admission in a vocational or training courses, like culinary arts or nursing. Secondly, you can go for general study approach that allows you to obtain transfer credits and associate degree respectively. But, this sort of degree does not require a specific field of study.

In case of bachelor degree program, you need to choose a major and submit a final project. However, you need to complete two years of general education before you get the coursework for major. In addition to this, there are elective subjects that you can study along with Major in this field of study.

Career opportunities – If you are planning to build your career quickly, especially in technical or skill-labor industry, an associate degree would be an apt educational course. There are plenty of careers that you can make, like a licensed practical nurse, computer programmer, dental assistant, cosmetologist and more. Whereas, in the fields of management, law, finance, accounting, media and others, companies tend to look for a candidate with a bachelor degree. Seeking a career in related to your major can open door to multiple job opportunities. Additionally, this course of study will help you to apply for masters and doctoral programs. Candidate with bachelor degree is thought to be more qualified to employers.

Unemployment rates – As per the statistics served by Bureau of Labor Statistics, candidates with bachelor’s degree tend to earn more than those with an associate degree. According to the findings from Pew Research study 2014, the earning gap between degrees is increasing with every generation.

With the above discussion, you get a pretty clear picture of both the courses and how they can help you to shape your career. In case of getting a higher education, do not haste. Plan out your career first and then choose a specific field of education. Get a detailed study of these course programs and decides what suits you best.

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