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Interviews- Angelica Urbas

Are you fresh out of your college and are super excited to step into the job world? If yes, then what is the first thing you need to work on? You need to prepare a good resume with all the important details. Now comes the most important part about cracking an interview. This is the final hurdle that you need to cross before landing the job, but it is not as easy as it seems. According to career consultant Angelica Urbas, an interview is not just a sit and talk session where you blabber non-stop. There are a few things that you need to take into consideration in order to be presentable at an interview and crack it with utmost panache!

Know In Detail About The Employer And The Job Opportunity – The success of the primary part depends on how much you are acquainted with the employer’s foundation. Have a solid foundation of knowledge about the employer, the requirement of the job and the interview panel. The more research you do from beforehand, the more chance you have to answer questions about the organization. Scour anything about the organization that you get, be it the website or other published materials.

Review Common Interview Questions And Prepare Your Answers – You need to prepare beforehand about the common interview questions. Fumbling in front of the employer is the worst thing you can do. So, practise and prepare about the responses to the most expected interview questions. Practise according to what type of interview you are attending to, like whether it is a one-on-one or in a group. While answering, compose a detailed but concise version which will have its focus on the specific accomplishments and examples.

Dress For Success – An impression matters a lot when it comes to interviews. Think of a wardrobe that goes with the culture and the aesthetics of the organization, and get dressed in a most professional appearance that you can muster. Wear something that is sober in color and which is cleaned and pressed. Do not overdo your makeup or your accessories and make sure to not eat anything right before the interview. A first impression lasts for a longer time than you can imagine, in case of an interview.

Arrive On Time – When Angelica Urbas tells you to be on time for an interview, it means that reach the place at least fifteen minutes early. You cannot be late for an interview by any means as that will be short of a disaster! Not only it clears you off the risk of getting late, reaching early gives you enough time to observe the surroundings and the dynamics of the organization. Get your resume and important documents arranged one day before as you do not want to run helter-skelter right on the day of the interview.

Follow these steps and be at your professional best at the threshold of obtaining the goal of landing the job of your dreams!

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