Understanding Child Psychology is Any Teacher’s First Responsibility

According to Justin Urbas, It is often difficult to handle children, because their minds are less stable than that of an adult. Being a teacher, you need to understand their Psychology.

Child-Justin Urbas

The job of a teacher is, probably, one of the hardest in the world. Teachers devote their lives (both professional and personal) in ensuring that their students grow up to be good human beings. According to Justin Urbas, It is often difficult to handle children, because their minds are less stable than that of an adult. Being a teacher, you need to understand their Psychology. Here are a few tips that will help you understand children better.

Comprehending Their Lifestyle: A person’s lifestyle is shaped by circumstances and surroundings. A child’s personality is shaped by their role in the family, and it is the same with every family. The youngest child in a family tends to be an extrovert, uncomplicated, self-centered, manipulative, and fun-loving. A middle child is more of a rebel. They have a large social presence and flourish on friendships. The eldest child in a family is more organized, careful, ambitious, and reliable.When a teacher learns about their student’s role in the family, they will be able to take the necessary approach towards shaping their attitude.

No Behavior Is Meaningless: Expert child psychologist says that all kinds of behavior portrayed by children have a purpose. If you can see through the reasons behind a child’s behavior, you will be able to help them develop the skills required to manage themselves. Children behave in certain ways that makes them feel safe.

The Mind Is Modifiable: A child’s brain is like melted metal – it can be changed, and shaped while it’s still hot. An adult brain cannot be easily altered, but a child’s can be. Children tend to learn from every experience. Any and every event shapes their personality, and the way they discern and respond to stimuli. Although, there are certain zones of character that cannot be changed, but most of it can be. This is possible only when you are able to understand Child Psychology.

Children Are Not Adults: It is commonly seen that a teacher fail’s to fathom a child’s brain-chemistry. This happens because some teachers fail to recall their lives as a child. A child responds differently than an adult because their emotions vary. Some children behave in a manner we do not want to accept. It might be due to the lack of proper parenting. You, as a teacher, should be able to fill that role in school. If you find them unreasonable, try being patient, and support them instead of being harsh. You will start noticing the difference soon.

Try to find the simplest of things which indicates what a child in your class likes or dislikes. There are plenty of reasons for a child to cry or laugh; and Justin Urbas says that it isn’t hard to figure out those factors. In order to understand a child, we need to stop thinking too hard, and just think like we would, if we were still children.

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