Importance of Career Counseling

Peer pressure is the main reason behind it. According to Justin Urbas, students can get the best-suited advice relating to their career preferences in these counseling sessions.

After important milestones in education, most students are perplexed when it comes to deciding a career option. Career counseling after the 10th standard can channelize the goals of students in the right direction. More often, students are forced to pursue a career against their wishes. Peer pressure is the main reason behind it. According to Justin Urbas, students can get the best-suited advice relating to their career preferences in these counseling sessions. Students need career guidance that is beyond the judgment of their teachers and parents. If a student is confused about his/her career choices, the suggestions of an experienced career counselor are very likely to come fruitful.

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The Embedded Logic in Career counseling

Career counseling includes scientifically proven aptitude tests and personality tests that enable a career counselor to give the best advice to the student based on the report of his/her aptitude and personality. As we know, human capacities are infinite and cannot be measured in quantitative terms. Every person has unique characteristics. The strong point of one can be the weak point for another and vice-versa. With the assistance of a career counselor, students can identify these unique qualities in them.

Advantages of Career counseling

Career counseling has paramount importance in the modern-day context. One cannot deny the several benefits associated with career counseling. Some of the major advantages of career counseling are listed as follows:

  1. Making an informed choice to select a career: This is undoubtedly the greatest benefit of career counseling. Career counseling sessions make the students aware of the pros and cons of various streams and educational options. Millennials prefer to make calculative decisions while emphasizing their passion. Justin Urbas is of the view that job satisfaction is crucial for the physical and mental well-being of a person. Career counseling sessions help students to organize their thoughts and ideas on various career-related decisions. Moreover, it also boosts the morale and confidence in students.
  2. Job satisfaction: Gone are the days when a job was only considered as a means of livelihood. Nowadays, the scenario is different. Millennials are emphasizing job satisfaction more than ever. If a student chooses a career that matches his/her aptitude and personality, he/she is very likely to gain success and popularity in that field. The main objective of career counseling is to align the skills of students and their job expectations. However, not all schools offer career counseling provisions to their students. In this case, it would be wise to hire an independent career counselor. Most parents want their children to pursue a career that the whole herd is going for. Career counselors help students to realize their hidden talents that have long been submerged.

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No doubt, a student can be hugely benefited from career counseling sessions. Besides helping students to come up with an appropriate career option, it also provides an opportunity for self-growth. Take your child to an experienced career counselor and get to know his/her dreams and aspirations.

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