Importance of Career Counselling

David Justin Urbas is of the view that career counselling helps students to organize their thoughts and ideas on career related decisions.

After important milestones in education, most students are perplexed about their career choice. A student’s aspirations and his/her parent’s desires may not match. Why choose a career to regret later? For this reason, career counselling is growing in importance. This counselling session helps a student to understand his/her strong points and focus on it. Firstly, to decide a stream and the subject combinations to decide the graduation course and then to decide the post-graduation and career options. According to David Justin Urbas, career counseling is mandatory for the all-round development of a child.

David Justin Urbas career

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling sessions involve scientifically developed aptitude tests and personality tests that enables a career counsellor to give the best career advice to students. As we know, human capacities are infinite and all what we need is to channelize these capacities in the right direction. We should remember that every person has unique characteristics. Through psychometric tests and career counselling, an individual can get a better picture of himself/herself.

Benefits of Career Counselling

Some of the major benefits of career counselling sessions are listed as follows:

David Justin Urbas Career

  1. Making an informed choice to choose a career: This is undoubtedly the greatest benefit of career counselling. It helps students to realize the pros and cons of different streams, courses, educational options, and the career path. Students can make an informed choice according to their preferences. With the career assessment, students are able to minimize the risk of change in career path later in life. The importance of pinpointing the job crafted for each person can only be scrutinized when one sees the agony of job misfits. David Justin Urbas is of the view that career counselling helps students to organize their thoughts and ideas on career related decisions.
  2. Job satisfaction: You need to select a career that matches your aptitude and personality. In this case, you have a greater chance of professional success and popularity. The main objective of career counseling is to help students select a field that is aligned with their skills and job expectations. Nowadays, several schools are arranging career counselling sessions for their students. Besides helping students deciding their career goals, it also boosts their morale and self-confidence.
  3. Get to know the career options: Nowadays, several career options have evolved that students are not even aware of. With proper career guidance, students are able to know about various career choices and its possibilities. Besides this, students also come across information relating to available colleges, admission eligibilities, college insights, etc.
  4. Determine strengths and weakness: This is another major benefit of career counselling sessions. Here, trained experts coordinate your regular aptitudes, qualities, and capacities with key elements of specific careers. Furthermore, it helps students get a better picture of their capabilities.

Students can be hugely benefited from career counselling sessions. There is no point denying this aspect. Career counselling facilitates all-round development of students. Take your children to career counseling sessions for them to shine in their life.

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