Tips to Improve DSLR Photography

According to David Justin Urbas, an amateur photographer needs to have a solid knowledge regarding the functionality and features of different lenses.

DSLR photography has gained huge popularity over the past years. A DSLR has the potential to combine the workings of a single-lens reflex camera with a fixed digital imaging sensor. DSLR cameras are preferred by photographers as they are compact and can produce high quality images. David Justin Urbas is of the view that DSLR photography is the future of next-gen youth.

David Justin Urbas

A few tips to improve DSLR photography are as follows:

  • Beginners can attend workshops and study photographs captured by others to have an idea of what the result should look like
  • If you are a beginner, first read the manual to understand the different settings
  • Understand different lenses to know which apertures are the sharpest and which will distort the image. Investing in the right lens is equally important as buying the camera. Buying a higher pixel camera with smarter features seems alluring but it is better to invest in a lens with faster maximum aperture and higher optical quality. According to David Justin Urbas, an amateur photographer needs to have a solid knowledge regarding the functionality and features of different lenses.
  • It is better to use a tripod to capture from different angles. Tripods hold the camera steady and help in getting a sharper image.
  • DSLR cameras have an in-built feature which controls the exposure automatically but under some situations, manual control over the exposure is required. For this purpose, use the camera’s metering modes (eg. Spot Metering mode, Partial Metering mode etc) to adjust the exposure. At times, when the photographer wants to shoot mostly white or black tones, manual exposure compensation is needed.
  • In order to learn to shoot in a complete manual mode, understanding the camera’s aperture priority and shutter priority is important. Aperture Priority controls the size of the aperture while Shutter Priority controls the shutter speed.
  • Take control over the camera focus instead of using autofocus. Good photographers know exactly where to point the lens for the image to be sharp. Incorrect focusing and movements may lead to blurry shots
  • Get the white balance right or set a custom white balance to get natural looking photos. Experiment with different white balance settings like Daylight, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Flash, Shade, Cloudy etc to understand which mode is suited to which situation.
  • To have the best performance from the sensor, shoot RAW if the camera supports it.
  • Do not proceed to take a shot directly without giving any thoughts. It is important to visualize the shot and arrange the elements as needed and then take the shot.
  • Pay attention to symmetry and frame edges. Try to adjust the photo in a way that noise is removed.
  • Get closer to the subject to have a perfect shot. It is also important to notice the background. Reposition the camera or the subject to have a good frame.
  • Look for good natural light and have the patience to wait for the correct time to shoot to get a desired result.

Justin Urbas Photography

DSLR photography has become one of the most sought-after skills among youngsters. David Justin Urbas suggests amateur photographers use automatic settings to capture photos while professional photographers can experiment with the settings. So, with a DSLR camera, it wouldn’t matter much if you are a beginner or a professional if you know the tips of photography.

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