Some Key Points For Interior Decoration For Small Spaces

Light colors such as baby pink or lemon yellow do not absorb the light and help it to be spread across the rooms, according to David Justin Urbas.

Who does not want their house to have a grand look? If not the essence of a palace, one would definitely want his house to be as magnificent as possible! However, there are no mansions anymore, and most people have flats as their living space. You might wonder how to make smaller areas look bright and beautiful and give up the idea of interior decoration after being dejected. Worry not, since David Justin Urbas has just the right solutions for you! It is an age-old notion to think that small places cannot look good and it always requires palatial walls and ceilings for any decoration to show its beauty. Some neatly crafted tricks can make your small flat look so wonderful that guests do a double-take at every corner of the house!

Take a look at the following factors to know how to make the smaller spaces look amazing:

1. Position the windows strategically – Sunlight gives an airy feel to any space. At the time of the construction, ask the builder to go for bigger windows so that the house gets plenty of air and light. Keeping the windows open during the daytime takes away the feeling of cramped spaces. In fact, place your mirrors adjacent to the window so that the light gets reflected and refracted to every corner of the room. With light-colored curtains swaying in the breeze, your window corner will never look better!

2. Pick lighter colors for walls – Light colors such as baby pink or lemon yellow do not absorb the light and help it to be spread across the rooms, according to David Justin Urbas. With a lighter tone, the walls will not look cramped and give you a feel of staying in a much bigger space. If you have a fascination with darker colors, pick any one wall for it. Ask the painter to select a widespread wall to enhance the darker color on it and surround that wall with lighter colors. From bedroom to the living room, a lightly colored wall will give off a breezy vibe.

3. Buy smaller furniture – Furniture plays an important role in the decoration of any house, be it big or small. First of all, do not buy meaningless junks. Go for those pieces that would abide by the theme of your flat. Placing furniture here and there haphazardly will do you no good and eat up all the empty space. You can opt for a folding table or a sofa-cum-bed or small chairs so as to save space. Placing the furniture strategically will give a whole new look to your house and give an oomph to every room.

Decorating your small flat can be a piece of cake with the right advice from David Justin Urbas. By following the key guidelines, your small flat will be no less than some grand mansion. Guests walking in are sure to be mesmerized by the decor, the choice of colors and the unique pieces of furniture. Your decorating ideas can even become an inspiration for some!


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