Associate or Bachelor Degree – Which Should You Choose?

If you are planning to build your career quickly, especially in technical or skill-labor industry, an associate degree would be an apt educational course.


After school, it becomes quite daunting to decide a course for your career. Whether you should opt for a bachelor degree or an associate is completely your choice. To make your decision simple and easy, here are top five reasons that will let you decide which educational path can lead you to a better career.

5 Striking Differences Between Associate and Bachelor:

Time – The basic difference between these two courses is the amount of time required to earn degrees. A bachelor course requires four years, whereas, an associate program requires two years to complete. But, in case of part-time students, the duration differs and it takes longer to complete to earn each degree.

Cost – The exact price of these course programs differs in each school. But, in general, the cost of achieving associate is less than earning a bachelor degree. This is largely due to lesser time investment on the part of students.

Level of coursework – According to Justin Urbas, there are two ways of getting an associate degree. Firstly, one has to prepare oneself for a specific domain, by getting admission in a vocational or training courses, like culinary arts or nursing. Secondly, you can go for general study approach that allows you to obtain transfer credits and associate degree respectively. But, this sort of degree does not require a specific field of study.

In case of bachelor degree program, you need to choose a major and submit a final project. However, you need to complete two years of general education before you get the coursework for major. In addition to this, there are elective subjects that you can study along with Major in this field of study.

Career opportunities – If you are planning to build your career quickly, especially in technical or skill-labor industry, an associate degree would be an apt educational course. There are plenty of careers that you can make, like a licensed practical nurse, computer programmer, dental assistant, cosmetologist and more. Whereas, in the fields of management, law, finance, accounting, media and others, companies tend to look for a candidate with a bachelor degree. Seeking a career in related to your major can open door to multiple job opportunities. Additionally, this course of study will help you to apply for masters and doctoral programs. Candidate with bachelor degree is thought to be more qualified to employers.

Unemployment rates – As per the statistics served by Bureau of Labor Statistics, candidates with bachelor’s degree tend to earn more than those with an associate degree. According to the findings from Pew Research study 2014, the earning gap between degrees is increasing with every generation.

With the above discussion, you get a pretty clear picture of both the courses and how they can help you to shape your career. In case of getting a higher education, do not haste. Plan out your career first and then choose a specific field of education. Get a detailed study of these course programs and decides what suits you best.

Follow These Tips If You Want To Save Taxes This Year

According to leading financial consultant Justin Urbas, you can actually go on to save a considerable amount with certain tax reduction techniques.

Saving taxes is one of the key priorities for millions of people in the United States and around the world. For many businesses and homes, reducing tax deductibles is a great way of feeling wealthy. But is it that easy?

The answer is a resounding yes, according to leading financial consultant Justin Urbas. You can actually go on to save a considerable amount with certain tax reduction techniques. Let us take a look at the steps an average person can implement to save taxes below.

How To Really Save Taxes This Coming Financial Year?

1. Review Your Tax Code – There are incidents every year, of people paying more than they actually need to. It has to do with incorrect tax codes. If you find out you’re on the wrong code, try to be on the right one. It can help you attain realistic tax savings.

2. Do you qualify for credits – Find out if you qualify for tax credits and you might be able to reduce your tax payments. Tax credits are generally allotted to families with child welfare costs, people on disability, and those with low incomes. If you do qualify for any of the above mentioned criteria, you can take advantage of credits.

3. Make donations to charity – Charitable donations are a great way of saving tax dollars and can be incorporated by almost everyone. Donate in a charity that supports causes you believe in. Make your donations towards the latter half of the year. Keep receipts and records of your donations, which can be produced to achieve cost savings.

4. Delay mortgage payments – Many people fail to realize that mortgage interests are tax deductible. Since interest can be deducted from adjustable gross income, mortgage payers stand to make considerable tax savings. This method is incorporated by thousands of people every year.

5. Get a taxman – A taxman or tax consultant is the professional who has to be approached by those who are interested in saving taxes. They are the ones that can create accurate tax files, and find areas where deductions can be made. Many people end up paying more taxes since they make errors during tax calculations.

6. Retirement savings – Saving for retirement will also help you save taxes. SO, if you have not started yet, start investing in 401ks and IRA schemes. If you save for retirement, you get tax deductions on the money that goes towards the retirement plans. Millions of Americans save taxes this way, while enhancing their future security.

7. Become a new business owner – Starting a new business is a valid way of saving taxes this year. If you have been pondering over your business idea, maybe now is the time to act upon it. Costs that are incurred in running your home business, can all be allocated to the expenses column. Many new business owners enjoy tax savings.

These are just some of the tips that can help you make significant tax savings.

Follow Simple Tips for Better Residential Security

Property consultant David Justin Urbas recommends that every homeowner get an inspection done to be on the safe side. He has some tried and tested home security tips.

A secure home is a happy home as its residents can sleep well at night without worry. But are you really sure that your home is really secure? If you are not convinced about your residential security, it makes sense to get an inspection done. Professionals can do a thorough check of your home, to determine any frailties in its protection. They can suggest the best steps to boost the condition of your property. Property consultant David Justin Urbas recommends that every homeowner get an inspection done to be on the safe side. He has some tried and tested home security tips. Let’s have a look –

Some Very Basic But Effective Home Security Tips

Get the latest alarms – Alarms with outdated features create a false sense of security, as they can easily be surpassed by criminals. Hence, it is important to install the latest alarm systems. You should look at the feature sets of alarm systems before making any purchase. Cutting-edge alarm systems can immediately enhance the security of your residence. Have a look online to study different alarm options, and compare prices.

Get a detailed inspection – An inspection can reveal lack of security in any part of your home, and suggest ways to improve it. They can recommend the latest locks, locking systems, alarms and intercoms for your residence. You will know how much needs to be spend to enhance your home security.

Change your locks – Changing your locks is a great way of improving your overall home security and reducing the chances of criminals. Even if you suspect that a copy of your keys are with previous owners or unintended persons, you should definitely consider changing your locks. It is a credible way of raising your over residential security.

Use timed lighting – Many homeowners are now choosing timed lighting systems, to keep away potential criminals. Before, it was easy for animals to tell if you are not home. But with lights that go on periodically even when you’re not at home, it always seems like you’re at home. Thousands of homes enjoy better protection due to such light fittings. You can get a good deal on them by consulting with leading security service providers.

Improve window security – Windows are often the most ignored parts of one’s home, as most people tend to focus on door locks and locking systems. Property owners must focus on selecting and installing the right window locks. Burglar proof glass and window alarms should also be installed, if you are serious about keeping criminals out.

Install CCTV systems – If you cannot observe different parts of your property while you’re away, there are no chances of stopping criminals. Try to conduct some research and identify the best CCTV choices. For this, you can get in touch with locally reputed security companies. Connect your CCTVs to smartphones to get live or recorded feeds anytime.

By following these simple tips you can ensure better security for your property.

Take a Look at These Simple but Effective Tips for Higher Education

Education consultant David Justin Urbas has some simple higher education tips that can be implemented by students.

Gaining quality higher education is one of the main focuses of one’s life, and determines one’s future prospects. Enrolling in the right course is important, but it is not all. A student must always be focused and driven, to make the most of available opportunities. Regardless of which direction you choose, taking the right decisions for higher education is quite important. Education consultant David Justin Urbas has some simple higher education tips that can be implemented by students. Let’s have a look –

Tried and Tested Higher Education Tips

Contact an education consultant – Taking the right decisions is quite vital at the early stages of your higher education aspirations. An experienced higher education consultant has appropriate knowledge to help you make the right decisions. During your consultations with such professionals, always be open and honest about your strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations.

Pick the right institutions – The credibility and effort of students do play a significant role in determining their higher education destiny, but institutions are also equally important. Whether you like it or not, a quality college or university is vital for becoming a promising potential job candidate. Employers hold students with good accomplishments in high regards, if they are from reputed institutions. You can read reviews of past students online, and look at the ratings of different institutions too.

Get used to lifestyle changes – For many of us, grabbing suitable higher education opportunities entails moving to a different town, state or even country. With such changes, there are needs to adapt to lifestyle, and often cultural changes. For students, the right level of mental readiness, and an adaptable attitude is necessary. One must realize that these new environments and dwelling places, will be their home for the next 3-5 years.

Be involved – It is important for students not to be too passive. A higher education student must always be proactive inside the class, and even outside it. If you have any queries in mind, be sure to seek answers from your teachers/lecturers. It is recommended that you clarify any doubts whenever possible. Teaching staff appreciate students who are active and not afraid to ask questions.

Create a study plan – What good is enrolling in higher education courses if you do not have an effective and efficient study plan? For every student, having the right study plan is essential. You should assess the areas that needs strengthening, and spend more time on them. Accordingly, you can allocate necessary time to each topic or subject.

Always remain focused – A higher education student should always remain focused, during classes, assignments and examinations. Complacency can be a huge roadblock on your way to achieving your goals. Many students start out well, but lose interest and go off track. Think of it this way. If you are investing your time, effort and money in higher education, you should make the most of opportunities.

Following these innovative higher education tips can help you improve your prospects. You can always consult with a leading higher education consultant.

Tax Saving Tips That You Can Implement Right Now

Tax consultant David Justin Urbas has some amazing tips that can help anyone save taxes.

Saving taxes is one of the main priorities for millions of homeowners throughout the USA. Every year, when tax time comes around, we try to find ways to possibly reduce the burden on our shoulders. But saving tax legally is not really a simple matter. At the same time, we have the example of many individuals and businesses who are saving considerably. Tax consultant David Justin Urbas has some amazing tips that can help anyone save taxes. Let us take a look at these simple ways anyone can implement in their lives.

Legitimate Ways of Saving Taxes That You Can Follow This Year

1. Save for retirement – It might be high time you considered saving for retirement, as it guarantees a more secure financial future. In addition to financial security, investments made in 401ks and IRA retirement schemes will help you save taxes. That’s because, you can choose to deduct these from your adjusted gross income.

2. Start a new business – This is one of the sure-shot ways of saving those precious tax Dollars. If you have been, mulling over the idea of launching a new business soon, maybe it’s time to start. The wide range of costs that are required by you to run your business, are pushed into the expenses column, which is free from taxation. This is a credible method used by many US residents to achieve their business dreams, in addition to saving on tax payments.

3. Give money away to save taxes – It might sound quite odd at first, but you can actually save a lot by donating. Charitable donations can be made for the causes you believe in. Start by finding the right charities. When you make your donations, be sure to keep records of your transactions. These can be produced to get tax deductions. It is a win win situation as you are contributing to your favorite cause, while saving your money too.

4. Make property investments – Not many of us know that investing in property is a credible way of saving your taxes. If you were interested in purchasing a property, it might just be the right time. The mortgages that you have to pay for new properties are subject to interests, which are tax deductible. Numerous US citizens have made tax reductions with property investments.

5. Delay your student loan – If you are yet to pay your student loan, do not do so immediately. Delay your loan amount payments as long as you can, to receive tax saving benefits. As loans can be deducted from your adjusted gross income, you are set to get better savings. Across the USA, many students at the graduate and undergraduate level follow this method to reduce taxes.

While these are some of the most credible methods on saving taxes, you can also check your eligibility for receiving tax credits, or try income splitting too. We must apply the mentioned methods, to see realistic savings. One can always consult with a leading financial consultant, to know more about such opportunities.

Top Home Security Tips for Homeowners

Reputed home security consultant Justin Urbas has some tips that you can follow.

Taking the right steps towards home security is quite important in order to maintain the safety of one’s home and assets. It is very hard to say when your home might get attacked, and how severe the consequences might be. Reputed home security consultant Justin Urbas has some tips that you can follow. Let’s have a look. Taking the right steps towards home security is quite important in order to maintain the safety of one’s home and assets. It is very hard to say when your home might get attacked, and how severe the consequences might be. Reputed home security consultant Justin Urbas has some tips that you can follow. Let’s have a look. 

Implement These Tips for Better Home Security 

Check locks – This is one of the most basic but important steps to ensure better home security. Make sure that all your door and window locks are in perfect working condition. If they are not, seek help from a locksmith without delay. Also, you should keep them locked at all times. 

Install intercoms – There is simply no excuse to install a cutting-edge intercom system on one’s entrance. This is also a fundamental home security measure that property owners can follow.

Smoke alarm installation – Fires are probably the most devastating thing that can affect your property. To prevent extensive fire damage, property owners should definitely install smoke alarms on their interiors. 

Timed lighting – A popular home security feature that prevents crime incidents is timed lighting. It is possible to set up timers with your lights, television or any other electrical appliances. Even if you are not at home, they give the illusion that you are. 

Get a dog – Guard dogs can prevent home attacks and property damages if they are well trained. While they can attack intruders, sometimes even loud barks are enough to deter them. It is a great way to stay aware of your home security. 

Keep all areas lit – Having areas without adequate lighting can be quite dangerous as criminals can take advantage of dark places. That is why you should install lights at all entrances and in all corners of your property compound. There are great options for outdoor lights at reasonable rates. 

Try motion sensor lighting – This has helped thousands of homeowners prevent incidents of serious crimes. Motion sensor lighting gets activated when anyone accesses your door or windows, or any other parts of your property. 

Install CCTVs everywhere – CCTVs are integral as they are your eyes at places that you cannot monitor. IT is recommended that property owners install CCTVs at every part of their home. This includes hallways, balconies, pool areas, living rooms, porches and boundary walls.

Know your neighbors – It is important to know who you share your neighborhood with. Take a look around and talk to people, and be alert about any suspicious people/activities. 

Hide your valuables – Do not leave any of your valuables lying around when you have invited people over, or are expecting any guests or home maintenance people. When people become aware of your valuables, it might influence them to acquire them by criminal ways. So keep your prized assets away from common sight.

 Don’t let everyone in – Be very careful who you let in through your door, as otherwise you might be in for immediate danger. You never know who is armed and planning to attack your life.

How To Take the Right Decisions Regarding Property Purchases

Renowned real estate agent Justin Urbas helps soon to be homeowners make the right decisions regarding purchases.

Buying a new home is a dream for many of us, and one that we achieve at some point in our lives. Who does not enjoy owning a home of their own to build their lives within? Property investments are quite a big deal and cannot be carried out blindly. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before you take the plunge. Renowned real estate agent Justin Urbas helps soon to be homeowners make the right decisions regarding purchases. Let us take a look at some of his key property purchase tips below.

Tips and Considerations for Investing in Your New Property

Determine if its necessary – Before you go ahead and splash the cash on a brand new house, make sure you are determined you want it. Do you really need to invest a new property now or should you hold onto the current place for a bit longer? A property investment is long term and has a lasting impact on your overall finances. If you decide that a purchase is a right choice after all, then go ahead.

Find out why you’re investing – Market conditions might be favorable for a fast investment in quality property choices. It might be motivation enough for an investment if you are tired of rising rent values and living conditions. Invest in a new home only if you are eager about being a homeowner, and not because everyone’s buying houses now.

Check your finances – So, you have arrived at a decision regarding a property that ticks all your checkboxes, and then some. But are you at ease with the financial implications of such an investment? Some factors that need to be taken into consideration are your source of income, credit status, ability to meet down payment requirements, and the probability of loan approval. It is always recommended that you double check your finances before making any major asset related investment.

The property location – Buying a new property might not be a challenging task at all if you are working with the right agents and financial institutions. But you should always be mindful of the location of the said property. Make sure that the neighborhood is a safe one by doing your own research. You can also get the opinions of local residents and law enforcement agencies. The last thing you want is to buy in a crime-ridden locality, and have to worry constantly about safety.

The purchase process – A good real estate agent is your best friend if you are going to invest in a new property. This is because, the entire purchase process needs to go on flawlessly, and decisions cannot be rushed. From choosing the right property, loan prequalification and making offers, to negotiations, handling inspections and purchase formalities, agents can guide you all the way.

In the end, the only thing that matters is that you are a happy homeowner. Consulting with a reputed real estate agency is the best way to proceed with your property purchase.