Why Do You Need Advice of Career Counsellors?

If you are not clear about your job and domain, do not hesitate to contact David Justin Urbas. On not planning to take a career counsellor’s advice can lead you to troubles and you may miss some of the golden periods of your life.

Life is not just getting a job and earning six figures salary. You need to love your job, enjoy what you are doing and being committed to your field. But studies show that the maximum of youth are not satisfied with their profession and quit their job within a few months. When it comes to deciding a career path, you need to take help of a career counsellor like, David Justin Urbas, who can guide you in the right direction by evaluating your interest.

When you consult a career counsellor, it becomes easy for you to select the right career path. Outlined below are some of the ways in which a career counsellor can push and motivate you in the right direction.

They know it all

The best thing about career counsellors is that they know about the current jobs booming in the market and the skills required entering a particular field. For instance, ethical hacking, bartending and astrophysics are some of the careers which are still untapped and people are even aware of them. You may want to have a career in Aviation but do not know how to get into it. When you approach a career counsellor, he/she uses their experience and knowledge to help you in exploring various career opportunities.

They broaden your perspective

Whilst you are making your career, you need to make one good decision. A good career counsellor brings you myriad facts and information before you so that you can make the best career move. The case studies and educational tools broaden your perspective and aid you in deciding which career options suit you and what more skills you need to develop. You can contact David Justin Urbas for the same and get the details.

They give you a clear road map

You may have desire and willpower to achieve your goal, but you do not have a roadmap. This will not lead you anywhere. To say focussed, all you need is a roadmap or a ladder to reach success. This is where you need the guidance and motivation of a career counsellor. They not only help you to strategise your career but also give you a futuristic perspective on the same. This helps you in gaining more confidence and developing more skills.

If you are not clear about your job and domain, do not hesitate to contact David Justin Urbas. On not planning to take a career counsellor’s advice can lead you to troubles and you may miss some of the golden periods of your life. From developing various career choices to making you communicate with different industry experts, you can be on the right track within a short period. A career counsellor uses all his resources to make sure that you land in a good job with a bright career prospect. Get in touch with one and see your career shine.

Best Smart Tips to Find the Right Tax Consultant for You

. If you are looking for the same, reach out to David Justin Urbas because he is the one who can guide you in the crucial hours, give excellent advises, conduct strategy meetings and discuss goals.

With the ongoing pandemic crisis and the downfall of the economy, it becomes important for the investors and the entrepreneurs to save and protect their wealth. This is where you need a great tax advisor, who can save your million dollars in this crisis. If you are looking for the same, reach out to David Justin Urbas because he is the one who can guide you in the crucial hours, give excellent advises, conduct strategy meetings and discuss goals. Laymen can’t understand financial terms, tax laws and more. To find the right tax consultant, take a look at the few tips written below.

Find a certified individual

The best tax consultants are always Certified Public Accountants. Most entrepreneurs look for CPA individuals as have in-depth knowledge about the subject and are passionate about lowering taxes. Apart from CPA, you can also take the help of an enrolled agent.

Check education and experience

You will never want a novice to handle your cases. A tax consultant’s experience and education make a huge difference in savings tax in the long-term. If you get an advisor who has worked for some of the reputable personalities and has graduated from one of the top universities, do not doubt his /her capabilities. He or she may know all the nitty-gritty of the subject.

Find a creative side to his/her personality

Most of the accountants make a straight approach, but when you come under the guidance of David Justin Urbas, you will find legal yet creative ways to use the law to protect your wealth. Many will suggest you pre-pay the amount at the year’s end or postpone it through an IRA. But a right advisor will spend months to discuss with you and then develop a long-term tax strategy for saving taxes.

Hire one who questions you

If you find that you need to ask all the questions to your tax advisor and state him or her about your goals and objectives, this can be a red flag. Your tax advisor must be more interested to know about the tax-saving and financial goals. He or she must conduct a thorough diagnosis so that he/she can come up with strategies to save taxes.

Look for long-term gains

It does not matter how much a consultant charge you, all that matters is how much the preparer costs you. Invest in a great tax advisor like, David Justin Urbas to save your million dollar wealth. Appointing a great tax-advisor is what you need to settle long-term gains and investments in your business.

Now when you know how a smart and creative tax consultant can protect your wealth when the economy is going down, find one and tell him/her about your financial dreams. Only a professional advisor who knows everything about this subject can help you to save money. Do a bit of research and meet the professional for a face to face discussion.

Functions of a Tax Consultant

David Justin Urbas believes the role of a tax consultant is of extreme importance and has the ability to impact the lives thousands of people around him.

A tax consultant is a person who knows the finer nuances of financial laws and regulations and shares his in-depth knowledge of tax-paying with the tax payers for a fee so that they can fulfil their financial obligations with minimum risks. And tax consultancy business is a firm that specializes in providing these expert advices. According to David Justin Urbas, hiring a tax consultant reduces the chances of an audit scrutiny which might otherwise lead to heavy penalties.

Justin Urbas Tax

The duties of a tax consultant does not follow any demarcation and can vary widely depending upon the type of firm the consultant is working for, his job ranking and even, his work experience along with recognition. The functions of a tax consultant are as follows:-

  • Preparing tax returns– Tax consultants are most commonly involved in organizing and making the tax returns of the clients who have paid their due taxes. They also make their clients aware of any new changes in tax laws so that they can be in compliance with it. They also help to fill out the tax forms for those who are unfamiliar with the procedure. Since, the types of taxes the clients pay may vary significantly from each other, this is a very huge responsibility and is divided amongst the consultants. While, few look after the property taxes, others can be involved with commercial or incomes taxes.
  • Analysing financial circumstances– A good tax consultant evaluate a client’s asset and advises in such a way so as to minimise the tax liability. David Justin Urbas is of the view that a consultant should also provide insight on legal matters of estates and trust funds and do the necessary needful.
  • Explaining the implications of significant events– Tax consultants help people to resolve the tax implications of life events like births, deaths, marriages, divorces etc. Inheritance taxes and untimely deaths can sometimes lead to legal complications which can be explained clearly to the concerning client and dealt professionally by a consultant.
  • Understanding the language of law– In legal complications, every tiniest detail matters and a change of one or two word can make a significant difference. Any tax expert is good at breaking down the complexity of legal information and translating it to the client in a simplified manner. A tax consultant should be extremely aware of all the codes and regulations and be willing to conduct research on them on behalf of the clients.
  • Representing a client– If a client is already in a fix with the finance and tax authority and has consulted a tax expert for its solution, it becomes and obligatory duty of that consultant to represent his client in dealings with the concerned government bodies.

A good consultant should possess strong verbal and written skills, be a good listener, and have methodical mind-set with the ability to counter-argue which in turn help to resolve complex situations. David Justin Urbas believes the role of a tax consultant is of extreme importance and has the ability to impact the lives thousands of people around him.

Tips to Improve DSLR Photography

According to David Justin Urbas, an amateur photographer needs to have a solid knowledge regarding the functionality and features of different lenses.

DSLR photography has gained huge popularity over the past years. A DSLR has the potential to combine the workings of a single-lens reflex camera with a fixed digital imaging sensor. DSLR cameras are preferred by photographers as they are compact and can produce high quality images. David Justin Urbas is of the view that DSLR photography is the future of next-gen youth.

David Justin Urbas

A few tips to improve DSLR photography are as follows:

  • Beginners can attend workshops and study photographs captured by others to have an idea of what the result should look like
  • If you are a beginner, first read the manual to understand the different settings
  • Understand different lenses to know which apertures are the sharpest and which will distort the image. Investing in the right lens is equally important as buying the camera. Buying a higher pixel camera with smarter features seems alluring but it is better to invest in a lens with faster maximum aperture and higher optical quality. According to David Justin Urbas, an amateur photographer needs to have a solid knowledge regarding the functionality and features of different lenses.
  • It is better to use a tripod to capture from different angles. Tripods hold the camera steady and help in getting a sharper image.
  • DSLR cameras have an in-built feature which controls the exposure automatically but under some situations, manual control over the exposure is required. For this purpose, use the camera’s metering modes (eg. Spot Metering mode, Partial Metering mode etc) to adjust the exposure. At times, when the photographer wants to shoot mostly white or black tones, manual exposure compensation is needed.
  • In order to learn to shoot in a complete manual mode, understanding the camera’s aperture priority and shutter priority is important. Aperture Priority controls the size of the aperture while Shutter Priority controls the shutter speed.
  • Take control over the camera focus instead of using autofocus. Good photographers know exactly where to point the lens for the image to be sharp. Incorrect focusing and movements may lead to blurry shots
  • Get the white balance right or set a custom white balance to get natural looking photos. Experiment with different white balance settings like Daylight, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Flash, Shade, Cloudy etc to understand which mode is suited to which situation.
  • To have the best performance from the sensor, shoot RAW if the camera supports it.
  • Do not proceed to take a shot directly without giving any thoughts. It is important to visualize the shot and arrange the elements as needed and then take the shot.
  • Pay attention to symmetry and frame edges. Try to adjust the photo in a way that noise is removed.
  • Get closer to the subject to have a perfect shot. It is also important to notice the background. Reposition the camera or the subject to have a good frame.
  • Look for good natural light and have the patience to wait for the correct time to shoot to get a desired result.

Justin Urbas Photography

DSLR photography has become one of the most sought-after skills among youngsters. David Justin Urbas suggests amateur photographers use automatic settings to capture photos while professional photographers can experiment with the settings. So, with a DSLR camera, it wouldn’t matter much if you are a beginner or a professional if you know the tips of photography.

The Evolving Roles and Responsibilities of a Tax Consultant in the Contemporary World

. According to David Justin Urbas, a renowned tax advisor, today is more about making the most of opportunities while helping the leadership at MNCs understand the impact of several tax laws on crucial business decisions.

At the end of a financial year, we resort to tax consultants for the last minute investments. It will not be an exaggeration to say that death and taxes are inevitable. However, when it comes to taxes, we tend to be very jittery. Hiring a tax consultant is a saving grace as he helps us plan things and save most of our hard earned money from going into taxes. According to David Justin Urbas, a renowned tax advisor, today is more about making the most of opportunities while helping the leadership at MNCs understand the impact of several tax laws on crucial business decisions.

David Justin Urbas

Areas of Specialization for a Tax Advisor

A tax consultant has an important role to play in the global arena as businesses are facing stiff competition because of various market forces in operation. Some areas of specialization for a tax advisor are listed as follows:

  1. Corporate tax services: If you aspire to be a tax consultant but only want to concentrate on the various facets of business taxes, specialization in corporate tax services can be the perfect choice. However, in this case, you should possess a solid knowledge of corporate taxes right from the production stage to the sales of product or service. You need to have a sharp business acumen if you want to be an expert in corporate taxes.
  2. International tax: With organizations focusing more on contributing towards global economy, the role of international tax consultants is gaining a strong footing. It is an offshoot of corporate taxes where tax consultants focus only on MNCs or businesses having overseas operations. International tax laws, risk and compliance, business model optimization, etc. are some of the areas of specialization. David Justin Urbas is of the view that for an individual to be an international tax consultant, he/she must possess sound knowledge of international tax laws.
  3. Mergers and acquisitions: Mergers and acquisitions are one of the most important events of a firm. In this case, tax advisors have an important role to play. Besides suggesting the best tax implications during the process till the post-transaction stage, tax advisors need to be involved at every step. During mergers and acquisitions, taxation experts need to accomplish a lot of tasks with diligence.
  4. Interstate tax services: Regulatory issues are a hindrance to companies that operate in several states. A tax consultant needs to be acquainted with the prevailing tax laws of the respective state. You need to have a clear idea of the different taxes levied across states, the state-specific duties on doing business, etc.
  5. Wealth taxation: India is a land of cultural diversities. You will come across families who are pursuing a lavish lifestyle and poor people who have barely anything to eat. For managing complexities in tax structure in a country like India, several people hire tax advisors to assist them on estate planning, will creation, etc.

Tax Consultant

Tax consultants will have a more important role to play in the coming days. Before choosing a field, a tax advisor should assess his/her areas of strengths and weaknesses. Gain proper knowledge of the tax structures of several countries before making your mind to be a tax consultant.

Importance of Career Counseling

Peer pressure is the main reason behind it. According to Justin Urbas, students can get the best-suited advice relating to their career preferences in these counseling sessions.

After important milestones in education, most students are perplexed when it comes to deciding a career option. Career counseling after the 10th standard can channelize the goals of students in the right direction. More often, students are forced to pursue a career against their wishes. Peer pressure is the main reason behind it. According to Justin Urbas, students can get the best-suited advice relating to their career preferences in these counseling sessions. Students need career guidance that is beyond the judgment of their teachers and parents. If a student is confused about his/her career choices, the suggestions of an experienced career counselor are very likely to come fruitful.

Justin Urbas 1

The Embedded Logic in Career counseling

Career counseling includes scientifically proven aptitude tests and personality tests that enable a career counselor to give the best advice to the student based on the report of his/her aptitude and personality. As we know, human capacities are infinite and cannot be measured in quantitative terms. Every person has unique characteristics. The strong point of one can be the weak point for another and vice-versa. With the assistance of a career counselor, students can identify these unique qualities in them.

Advantages of Career counseling

Career counseling has paramount importance in the modern-day context. One cannot deny the several benefits associated with career counseling. Some of the major advantages of career counseling are listed as follows:

  1. Making an informed choice to select a career: This is undoubtedly the greatest benefit of career counseling. Career counseling sessions make the students aware of the pros and cons of various streams and educational options. Millennials prefer to make calculative decisions while emphasizing their passion. Justin Urbas is of the view that job satisfaction is crucial for the physical and mental well-being of a person. Career counseling sessions help students to organize their thoughts and ideas on various career-related decisions. Moreover, it also boosts the morale and confidence in students.
  2. Job satisfaction: Gone are the days when a job was only considered as a means of livelihood. Nowadays, the scenario is different. Millennials are emphasizing job satisfaction more than ever. If a student chooses a career that matches his/her aptitude and personality, he/she is very likely to gain success and popularity in that field. The main objective of career counseling is to align the skills of students and their job expectations. However, not all schools offer career counseling provisions to their students. In this case, it would be wise to hire an independent career counselor. Most parents want their children to pursue a career that the whole herd is going for. Career counselors help students to realize their hidden talents that have long been submerged.

Justin Urbas 2

No doubt, a student can be hugely benefited from career counseling sessions. Besides helping students to come up with an appropriate career option, it also provides an opportunity for self-growth. Take your child to an experienced career counselor and get to know his/her dreams and aspirations.

Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

If you have the expert guidance of David Justin Urbas with you, there is an increased chance for you to achieve what you want over the course of time.

Stepping into the real world after completing your education is a real challenge. Though most of the students look for a job with steady pay at the end of the month, a few courageous ones take the risk of stepping into the business world. Having your own start-up is not an easy feat, and there are lots of ups and downs involved while trying to set up something on your own. It is not easy becoming a successful entrepreneur, but if you have the expert guidance of David Justin Urbas with you, there is an increased chance for you to achieve what you want over the course of time. There is no alternative to having a mentor who can guide you with the right advice and help you to stand up if you fall down.


Challenge Yourself – Doing a business is not for the faint-hearted. You constantly need to be up on your toes and think of creative ways to challenge yourself. According to many successful people, the best way is to learn something is from making mistakes. Push yourself to the boundaries to learn what is right and wrong in a first-hand experience. Continue reading “Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur”

Launch Your Own Business and Be Your Own Boss

Experienced consultant David Justin Urbas has some valuable business ideas that you can consider.

The very decision of starting a business is a brave one, as not everyone is successful in their business ventures. But if you have got some bright ideas in your head, most often it is a good option to take the chance. You never know how something that started as a causal notion can turn into a successful business. If you are among those people who are not happy with earnings a from your day job, maybe it’s time to launch a business of your own. Sooner rather than later is the motto. Moreover, the financial and lifestyle freedom that you get as an entrepreneur is worth it.

Be your own boss. That is something which we have heard so many times during our lives. People who have left their day jobs have become successful business owners. If they can do it, so can anybody. It is never an easy decision. The main things to consider are your hobbies and passions. It is about finding what you love to do and turning it into a profession. Financial independence is an objective that many of us dedicate our lives to. Investing your time, effort and investments into setting up a business can turn your fortunes around.

Figuring out the best business option is always a big task for budding entrepreneurs. It is also important to ensure that the business is run in an ethical manner. Applying for a business loan and registering it can also be challenging tasks. Getting in touch with a business consultant can help you sort out any such hurdles. Experienced consultant David Justin Urbas has some valuable business ideas that you can consider. Let’s have a look –

Some Business Ideas for Starters

1. Cleaning Service – This is a viable option because all you’re doing is cleaning places and getting paid for it. Many entrepreneurs across America are launching cleaning services, and getting promising leads from residential and commercial clients.

2. Web Design – Websites will continue to be made as thousands are launched every day. It is possible to take a course of web design and make a living off of it. There’s a lot of room for you to be creative and unique.

3. Graphic Design – This is also a viable business stream for creative people. The demand for quality graphic design is still growing. As a result, numerous people are opening up design houses or grabbing clients through freelancing websites.

4. Accountant – If you’ve got time on your hands, why not utilize it to help other people! Accounting is a good idea, as you would just be maintaining books for people and small businesses, and helping them out during tax time. It is possible to build up a network of trusted clients within a short time.

5. Food cart/eatery – Got a passion for cooking or fast food? You can join up with a few like-minded friends and make something out of it. If you’re good at the culinary part, and efficient in marketing, this is a promising idea.

There are several other great business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs. All it takes is dedication, focus and thinking out of the box. You too can build and grow a successful business.

Key Tips That Can Be Utilized for Successful Online Business Promotion

Promoting a blog, business or e-commerce website is a task that requires considerable skill and knowledge today. The online marketing landscape is ever changing with newer trends coming up everyday. Many methods that worked yesterday are obsolete today, while new ones are yielding results. In order to maximize results from campaigns, businesses now have to be proactive in their efforts. It is crucial to take informed decisions in order to get ahead of competitors.

Renowned digital marketing consultant David Justin Urbas provides guidance for businesses looking to explore profitable marketing strategies. Let us look at some of his tried and tested online marketing tips.

Result Driven Online Marketing Tips For Businesses

1. Local is Important – If you are trying to promote your physical, stores, shops or service centers, it is important to create quality local search campaigns. For local businesses, gaining more visibility and recognition over rivals can be the difference maker. Local search campaigns can attract large groups of potential customers to your store.

2. Social is Fundamental – Businesses who want to grab the attention of target audiences in a big way, must go social. This entails more than just creating a few social pages and leaving them lying dormant. Social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and others should be front and center of your promotional strategy.

Everyone is spending a lot of time on social media sites today, and that’s where they’re making a lot of purchase decisions too. Maintaining social pages, posting interesting content and running quality paid campaigns can multiply your potential.

3. Encourage interactivity – If you are trying to advertise a business online, you have to improve the customer experience. It is important to encourage interactivity through your web, E-commerce or social pages. Whether it’s asking customers about their experiences, feedback or a rating system. This will lead to more customer engagement and make people gain more trust in your brand. That is required in order to run result oriented online marketing campaigns.

4. E-mail is not dead – Many businesses now tend to overlook e-mail as a viable online marketing method. That is a mistake as others are still gaining a considerable amount of conversions through email marketing. Innovative email campaigns can still entice customers to follow through and make that purchase.The content needs to be more personalized and the approach not cold at all. Newsletters and promotional mails can give you results, if they’re implemented with precision.

5. Segregate and target – We’re all aware of the four main customer types i.e. impulsive, need-based, loyal, discounts and wandering. Identify the traits of your existing customer base, and put them in one of these boxes. Accordingly, you can create different campaigns for each subgroup, in order to maximize chances of conversions. Analysis plays a huge role in online marketing today.

These are some fundamental tips on online marketing that can help your business. By following them and optimizing your campaigns, you can aim higher growth.

Why Assembling a Rock-Star Team is the Key to Success

When I first launched Gen Y Planning, I did pretty much everything myself. I met with clients and created their financial plans. I wrote this blog and my email newsletter. I marketed myself. I slaved over PowerPoint slides when hired to give a presentation. I worked a lot of nights and weekends from home, coffee shops, and while traveling.

Eventually, something had to give. As I said in a previous post, it was going through a divorce that made me realize I needed help with my business. My clients needed my guidance when making huge life decisions, and it was a struggle to handle writing, marketing, and other tasks and still be there for them.

I decided that I wanted to be a true partner in my clients’ financial decisions, and it was time to get some help with the rest. And I have to say, the moment you let go of the belief that you have to control everything is the moment your business really begins to grow!

So how do you assemble your team, especially if you have no experience hiring or managing people?

Before You Hire Anyone, Start With “Team You”

As you get a new business off the ground, a few people will be instrumental to your initial success. Begin by outsourcing complex things like compliance, taxes, and legal matters. (No, I don’t do my own taxes. They are the last thing that I want to mess up!). I have a CPA, small business attorney, and compliance consultant that are all on a monthly retainer. Their expertise is invaluable and I can reach out to them as needed.

More at: http://genyplanning.com/2017/04/26/assembling-rock-star-team-key-success/