Why Do You Need Advice of Career Counsellors?

If you are not clear about your job and domain, do not hesitate to contact David Justin Urbas. On not planning to take a career counsellor’s advice can lead you to troubles and you may miss some of the golden periods of your life.

Life is not just getting a job and earning six figures salary. You need to love your job, enjoy what you are doing and being committed to your field. But studies show that the maximum of youth are not satisfied with their profession and quit their job within a few months. When it comes to deciding a career path, you need to take help of a career counsellor like, David Justin Urbas, who can guide you in the right direction by evaluating your interest.

When you consult a career counsellor, it becomes easy for you to select the right career path. Outlined below are some of the ways in which a career counsellor can push and motivate you in the right direction.

They know it all

The best thing about career counsellors is that they know about the current jobs booming in the market and the skills required entering a particular field. For instance, ethical hacking, bartending and astrophysics are some of the careers which are still untapped and people are even aware of them. You may want to have a career in Aviation but do not know how to get into it. When you approach a career counsellor, he/she uses their experience and knowledge to help you in exploring various career opportunities.

They broaden your perspective

Whilst you are making your career, you need to make one good decision. A good career counsellor brings you myriad facts and information before you so that you can make the best career move. The case studies and educational tools broaden your perspective and aid you in deciding which career options suit you and what more skills you need to develop. You can contact David Justin Urbas for the same and get the details.

They give you a clear road map

You may have desire and willpower to achieve your goal, but you do not have a roadmap. This will not lead you anywhere. To say focussed, all you need is a roadmap or a ladder to reach success. This is where you need the guidance and motivation of a career counsellor. They not only help you to strategise your career but also give you a futuristic perspective on the same. This helps you in gaining more confidence and developing more skills.

If you are not clear about your job and domain, do not hesitate to contact David Justin Urbas. On not planning to take a career counsellor’s advice can lead you to troubles and you may miss some of the golden periods of your life. From developing various career choices to making you communicate with different industry experts, you can be on the right track within a short period. A career counsellor uses all his resources to make sure that you land in a good job with a bright career prospect. Get in touch with one and see your career shine.

Best Smart Tips to Find the Right Tax Consultant for You

. If you are looking for the same, reach out to David Justin Urbas because he is the one who can guide you in the crucial hours, give excellent advises, conduct strategy meetings and discuss goals.

With the ongoing pandemic crisis and the downfall of the economy, it becomes important for the investors and the entrepreneurs to save and protect their wealth. This is where you need a great tax advisor, who can save your million dollars in this crisis. If you are looking for the same, reach out to David Justin Urbas because he is the one who can guide you in the crucial hours, give excellent advises, conduct strategy meetings and discuss goals. Laymen can’t understand financial terms, tax laws and more. To find the right tax consultant, take a look at the few tips written below.

Find a certified individual

The best tax consultants are always Certified Public Accountants. Most entrepreneurs look for CPA individuals as have in-depth knowledge about the subject and are passionate about lowering taxes. Apart from CPA, you can also take the help of an enrolled agent.

Check education and experience

You will never want a novice to handle your cases. A tax consultant’s experience and education make a huge difference in savings tax in the long-term. If you get an advisor who has worked for some of the reputable personalities and has graduated from one of the top universities, do not doubt his /her capabilities. He or she may know all the nitty-gritty of the subject.

Find a creative side to his/her personality

Most of the accountants make a straight approach, but when you come under the guidance of David Justin Urbas, you will find legal yet creative ways to use the law to protect your wealth. Many will suggest you pre-pay the amount at the year’s end or postpone it through an IRA. But a right advisor will spend months to discuss with you and then develop a long-term tax strategy for saving taxes.

Hire one who questions you

If you find that you need to ask all the questions to your tax advisor and state him or her about your goals and objectives, this can be a red flag. Your tax advisor must be more interested to know about the tax-saving and financial goals. He or she must conduct a thorough diagnosis so that he/she can come up with strategies to save taxes.

Look for long-term gains

It does not matter how much a consultant charge you, all that matters is how much the preparer costs you. Invest in a great tax advisor like, David Justin Urbas to save your million dollar wealth. Appointing a great tax-advisor is what you need to settle long-term gains and investments in your business.

Now when you know how a smart and creative tax consultant can protect your wealth when the economy is going down, find one and tell him/her about your financial dreams. Only a professional advisor who knows everything about this subject can help you to save money. Do a bit of research and meet the professional for a face to face discussion.

Functions of a Tax Consultant

David Justin Urbas believes the role of a tax consultant is of extreme importance and has the ability to impact the lives thousands of people around him.

A tax consultant is a person who knows the finer nuances of financial laws and regulations and shares his in-depth knowledge of tax-paying with the tax payers for a fee so that they can fulfil their financial obligations with minimum risks. And tax consultancy business is a firm that specializes in providing these expert advices. According to David Justin Urbas, hiring a tax consultant reduces the chances of an audit scrutiny which might otherwise lead to heavy penalties.

Justin Urbas Tax

The duties of a tax consultant does not follow any demarcation and can vary widely depending upon the type of firm the consultant is working for, his job ranking and even, his work experience along with recognition. The functions of a tax consultant are as follows:-

  • Preparing tax returns– Tax consultants are most commonly involved in organizing and making the tax returns of the clients who have paid their due taxes. They also make their clients aware of any new changes in tax laws so that they can be in compliance with it. They also help to fill out the tax forms for those who are unfamiliar with the procedure. Since, the types of taxes the clients pay may vary significantly from each other, this is a very huge responsibility and is divided amongst the consultants. While, few look after the property taxes, others can be involved with commercial or incomes taxes.
  • Analysing financial circumstances– A good tax consultant evaluate a client’s asset and advises in such a way so as to minimise the tax liability. David Justin Urbas is of the view that a consultant should also provide insight on legal matters of estates and trust funds and do the necessary needful.
  • Explaining the implications of significant events– Tax consultants help people to resolve the tax implications of life events like births, deaths, marriages, divorces etc. Inheritance taxes and untimely deaths can sometimes lead to legal complications which can be explained clearly to the concerning client and dealt professionally by a consultant.
  • Understanding the language of law– In legal complications, every tiniest detail matters and a change of one or two word can make a significant difference. Any tax expert is good at breaking down the complexity of legal information and translating it to the client in a simplified manner. A tax consultant should be extremely aware of all the codes and regulations and be willing to conduct research on them on behalf of the clients.
  • Representing a client– If a client is already in a fix with the finance and tax authority and has consulted a tax expert for its solution, it becomes and obligatory duty of that consultant to represent his client in dealings with the concerned government bodies.

A good consultant should possess strong verbal and written skills, be a good listener, and have methodical mind-set with the ability to counter-argue which in turn help to resolve complex situations. David Justin Urbas believes the role of a tax consultant is of extreme importance and has the ability to impact the lives thousands of people around him.

Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

If you have the expert guidance of David Justin Urbas with you, there is an increased chance for you to achieve what you want over the course of time.

Stepping into the real world after completing your education is a real challenge. Though most of the students look for a job with steady pay at the end of the month, a few courageous ones take the risk of stepping into the business world. Having your own start-up is not an easy feat, and there are lots of ups and downs involved while trying to set up something on your own. It is not easy becoming a successful entrepreneur, but if you have the expert guidance of David Justin Urbas with you, there is an increased chance for you to achieve what you want over the course of time. There is no alternative to having a mentor who can guide you with the right advice and help you to stand up if you fall down.


Challenge Yourself – Doing a business is not for the faint-hearted. You constantly need to be up on your toes and think of creative ways to challenge yourself. According to many successful people, the best way is to learn something is from making mistakes. Push yourself to the boundaries to learn what is right and wrong in a first-hand experience. Continue reading “Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur”

Tips On Entrepreneurship

According to David Justin Urbas, you cannot reach the heights of success while taking a shortcut approach. Playing it safe is not the way. You have to hardworking and street smart in approach.

Become an entrepreneur and work on your own terms. Be your own boss and enjoy the cream of success while reaching stupendous heights. Well, this is what everybody dreams of. But only a few successfully fulfills it. Being courageous is the first rule to becoming an entrepreneur. Staying under the roof of a leader is not the thing to consider; you need to be the leader. Quit your job and take the responsibility in your hand. Be the daring type and approach towards fulfilling your dream. Failure will be a part of your journey but never stay back fearing the scenario.

The journey can be burdensome and highly demanding. Try to follow the David Justin Urbas way: Be ready to accept the challenges, face the defeats. But always make sure that all these should transform you into someone more determined to reach your goals. Mistakes should not stop you trying once more. Do mistake, fail, fall, but then, rise, and shine. You are destined to win and reach the heights if and only if the mind is devoid of fear. Be committed to your goal and enjoy the scenarios and be energetic in the approach. Here are some essential tips on entrepreneurship that may help you in achieving your dream:

There Is No Shortcut To Success

Keep grinding harder since there’s no shortcut available. See, there is simply no magic happening for you to achieve success. You have to be disciplined and work your way out to achieve it. Initially, you witness slow progress since success will not be happening overnight. However, what matters is a steady growth in the process. If you stick to your principles and work hard while being positive, you will witness a steady growth in the success rate. According to David Justin Urbas, you cannot reach the heights of success while taking a shortcut approach. Playing it safe is not the way. You have to hardworking and street smart in approach.

Staying Motivated Helps A Lot

Unless you stay motivated, achieving success in your field of work is simply not going to happen. Motivation is essential if you want to grow your business. But then, how can a person stay motivated all the time? There is every possible reason to get out of the focus and become a frustrated soul, especially when much is not happening. Strong perseverance is what that makes a person remain motivated for a longer duration. If you have a strong perseverance level, it will help you overcome the obstacles of boredom and frustrations quite easily.

You should have a positive approach and move on irrespective of the hardships and challenges being faced. Greet failure with courage and use it as a ladder to reach the levels of success. Entrepreneurship is all about balancing the right elements to reach the heights of stardom. It is being you, and how this ‘you’ creates the most amazing impact before the audience. Spreading positivity is necessary and you must act as per your intuitions while trying to read the mind of the audience you tend to target.

Know from Justin Urbas the 4 risks that you must take as an entrepreneur

Risk taking is an integral part of the entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is responsible to take their own decisions and face the outcomes. However, sometimes, the new business owners prefer playing safe instead of taking new challenges and thus, restrict the growth of their business. Here, Justin Urbas has identified some such risks which you should take to boost growth of the business.

Sacrifice the steady income:

There are many entrepreneurs who see their business just as a source of extra income and thus, do not put their entire effort for it. But, this approach will not work when you are dreaming to be a successful businessman. For running the business smoothly, you should be ready to work hard. Obviously, to do this, you have to sacrifice the current job or any other task that keeps you involved for the whole day.

Most of the new entrepreneurs, while starting business, hesitate to take the decision as there is no guarantee for steady income in initial days. But, the business owners encourage budding entrepreneurs to take this risk if you want to succeed.

Be ready to invest personal income:

There are some lucky entrepreneurs who can start their business with the external funding only. It means that these business owners mainly depend on loans, grant and finance of angel investors to start the venture. But, everyone may not be lucky as them. It may happen that the external funding you are obtaining is not sufficient for the business and in order to manage expenses you have to finance it personally.

In these circumstances, you should not hesitate to invest the personal capital. If the business is managed in first few months, you will enjoy the benefits later.

Manage the cash flow:
Even if your business is financed perfectly, managing day to day expenses may become difficult in initial days. The situation can continue in so called profitable years also if the revenue does not generate on regular basis.

However, under any circumstances, you have to pay the monthly bills. Sometimes you may find it is quite challenging. To avoid it, you should be ready to collect cash so that the regular expenses can be managed without any difficulty. It also may require personal investment in some cases. Do not step back to put your personal finance to the business. It will help you to create a clear image to investors and other partners. It, in turn, will be effective to grow later.

Trust the key employees:

During initial days of your business, developing a full team may be difficult. Thus, in these days, you should try to create a small group which can work for long hours and can handle multiple tasks. To get everything done on time, you will have to trust these employees. You will also have to find out the special skills among them and utilize those for your organization.

Instead of hiring the entire team, you can recruit one or two senior professionals also to fulfill your requirements. In that case also, having faith in their abilities is necessary for completing tasks on time.