Useful Tax Saving Tips That Can Help You Out.

Financial consultant David Justin Urbas has some valuable tips that can be used by anyone to save taxes.


Everyone wishes to save money on their tax payments in order to save at least a little bit of their hard-earned money. Many of us find it really hard to find a way. But that does not have to be the case. Financial consultant David Justin Urbas has some valuable tips that can be used by anyone to save taxes. Have a look below.

Simple Methods To Save Taxes That Anyone Can Follow

1. Launch a business – If you are aiming to save on taxes, this is one of the most wise decisions. This is because you can allocate your earnings to your business books, as opposed to showing it as an income. In addition to that, you can count off costs involved in businesses as expenses. Many US residents become entrepreneurs and save considerable amounts on taxes.

2. Benefits for parents – If you have a child, you are entitled to certain core benefits as per the taxation rules and guidelines. Child care costs, and tax credits can come to your aid. Parents can actively save on their taxes till the time a child grows up, and is at an age where they can be self sufficient.

3. You might be eligible for credits – Credit or income tax credit is a valid way of saving on tax payments. If you happened to fall in the group of low or average income earners, you can earn considerable credit. This is mainly for people who make a sub $50,000 taxable income. New parents who fall under that income limit are also eligible for credits. It is up to the taxpayer to understand if they are eligible for such benefits, and to claim them.

4. Prolong your mortgage to save more – This is another way to save up on those precious dollars when tax time comes around. It is a smart strategy to prolong the time of your mortgage payments, as such payments fall under the deductible category. Homeowners can use this method to make considerable savings.

5. Retirement funds – If you haven’t yet considered IRA and 401Ks, maybe it’s time to start. Shoving set amounts of money at source, to your retirement accounts is a sound strategy. It reduces your adjustable gross, and therefore the amount on which you are to be taxed. In fact it’s a n obvious win-win situation for working professionals. You can reap the benefits of all those savings in the future, and that money keeps growing too.

6. Don’t clear out student loans – Many of us are advised to clear out or student loan amounts as soon as we can. But that not be the smartest strategy, if you are hoping to save on the tax dollars. If you’re making 65k or less a year, you’re better off treating loan amounts as source deductibles before taxable AGI. That is why it becomes important to pay off your student loans in a systematic manner, instead of in bulk.

7. Make donations for charitable causes – If you’re up for it, donating to charitable causes is a good way of qualifying for tax deductions. It is important to ensure that you have documented proof i.e. receipts, of such donations, that have to be produced to be eligible.

These are some of the valid methods and approaches that you can adopt to save on tax payments.

Simple Tips For Achieving Significant Tax Savings

Taxes must be paid and they must be paid on time. That is the reality we are faced with every year. But did you know that the amount of taxes be reduced to ease the burden. There are steps to follow in order to save taxes and keep more of your money with you. Let’s face it. Tax payments are necessary but sometimes they can seem a bit overwhelming. Renowned financial advisor David Justin Urbas works with individuals and businesses around the USA as a consultant. Let us look at some of his tips on tax saving that can help you out.

Tax Saving Tips That Can Help You Out

1. Donate to charity – Donating to charity is a good way to save taxes and reduce the annual tax bill. It is advisable to donate towards the later half of the year, and you can enjoy tax return benefits when April comes. It is one of the smartest way to contribute to causes you believe in, while saving up on those tax Dollars.

2. Open up a business – Launching a new business can help you save taxes this year. Business owners have more flexibility over the way, and within which time, the taxes are paid. If you’re running a business, there are more opportunities to keep capital, and put it in the expenses column. Thus having a business can help one save significantly on their taxes.

3. Prolong your mortgage – The mortgage on your house needs not be paid in a hurry. One can benefit from prolonging the mortgage on their property. Due to mortgage interests falling under the tax deductible category, you stand to benefit financially.

4. Check tax credit eligibility – In certain cases, low and average income earners have a clear advantage. If you’re making less than 50K a year, you might qualify for tax credits. Credit amounts can be significant and come to your rescue.

5. Keep medical receipts – Certain medical costs, like those of particular medical equipment and appliances are tax deductible. You can do a little research to obtain the list of items that are included in the list of deductible items. This is yet another valid and legal way of saving on taxes.

6. Prolong education loans – Student loans are another way of saving taxes for a considerable amount of time, the more you stretch the payments. The interest that you pay with student loans is the beneficial factor. The amount can be deducted from one’s adjusted gross income. Thus it is advisable to do the loan payments in a slightly delayed manner.

7. Invest in 401Ks or IRA – Reducing your adjusted gross income by investing in 401 K and IRA retirement funds are a valid way of saving on tax payments. While less take home income might be hard to accept, it is for the greater good. You are saving up more for a secure retirement and effectively reducing taxes.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can save taxes and get better returns. As always, keeping your spending in check is essential too.

Justin Urbas-Tax Saving Tips for the End of the Year

We cannot escape paying taxes.The amount of taxes subtracted from your income is dependent on how much money made, deductions, etc. We all need to strategize in order to get big savings on our taxes. Here are 7 top tax saving tips that will lower your tax bill this year.

Top 7 Tax Saving Tips just for you:


Although this does not directly affect the amount of taxes you pay, it reduces unnecessary tax related expense. You don’t need a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm or tax preparation services elsewhere. There are several online software such as TurboTax which instruct you on how to do your taxes on your own.


If you find yourself with extra cash, invest in a retirement fund. The more money you divert to your retirement plan makes you eligible for deduction. Seek advise before taking this step.


Request that your year end bonus be received the following year. Since income tax is collected for the year in which income is received, you would not be taxed for the deferred income. This should only be done if it lowers your tax bracket.

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