How to Crack Online Interview to Get a Job in 2021

You can get in touch with Justin Urbas interviewing professionals in case you face any problem while preparing.

The widespread effect of the coronavirus pandemic situation has caused the entire industrial world to come on a standstill with the recruitment industry not being an exception. The virus is spreading like a wildfire and this has made the situation so dire that companies are literally striving to maintain their traditional workforce. This, particularly, is having a massive effect on the recruitment process. However, to remain consistent with the situation several companies are conducting online interviews to prevent economic slowdown via technological use like video conferencing and by taking tips form the Justin Urbas interviewing professionals. And, moreover, acing an online interview has always been an enigma for candidates. On one hand, it limits the candidate’s efficiency to show his skills, that he would have shown otherwise on a face-to-face interview. On the other hand, it takes off the nerve of sitting on a face-to-face interview. This context will give you certain tips so that you can guide yourself and ace up for an online interview.

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  1. First things first, and you should know virtual interviews are equally important as face-to-face interviews. You are recommended to not take it lightly and prepare yourself with same effort and knowledge that you would have done for an in-person interview.
  2. The username you will be using on your website or resume should sound a bit professional. Usernames that sound casual gives a non-seriousness impression and makes the recruiters think the candidate is not up-to-mark for the interview. And, for an applicant’s part, it is considered as an undesirable quality to apply for a job, that too in such a critical situation. You can get in touch with Justin Urbas interviewing professionals in case you face any problem while preparing.
  3. You have to make a list of the companies where you will be attending for an interview. You might have applied randomly, but you need to clear it out as to which companies will be better for you and put them in a single list. Prior to the interview, if you can create a clear idea, you will be able to clear the clutter and focus on the main part.
  4. After you have organized yourself, download the application through which the interview will be conducted. It will be mentioned in the company’s profile and you won’t be having any issue with that. All you have to do is login into the application and become familiar with the app. if you fidget with the tool itself while giving the interview, it won’t put a good impression on the interviewers.
  5. Another thing that you should keep in focus is the corner of your home where you will be sitting for the interview.  Need to ensure that the place is quiet, and no one comes there randomly. Another thing you need to keep in mind is if the Internet connection is good at that place. You can ask a responsible person of your home to control other people from barging in through the door and disturb you.
  6. Make sure you also have a hard copy of the resume and a gentle smile on your face while the interviewers conduct an online interview.

If these tips fall short for you, you are open to get in touch with the Justin Urbas interviewing professionals for professional help.

Why Do You Need Advice of Career Counsellors?

If you are not clear about your job and domain, do not hesitate to contact David Justin Urbas. On not planning to take a career counsellor’s advice can lead you to troubles and you may miss some of the golden periods of your life.

Life is not just getting a job and earning six figures salary. You need to love your job, enjoy what you are doing and being committed to your field. But studies show that the maximum of youth are not satisfied with their profession and quit their job within a few months. When it comes to deciding a career path, you need to take help of a career counsellor like, David Justin Urbas, who can guide you in the right direction by evaluating your interest.

When you consult a career counsellor, it becomes easy for you to select the right career path. Outlined below are some of the ways in which a career counsellor can push and motivate you in the right direction.

They know it all

The best thing about career counsellors is that they know about the current jobs booming in the market and the skills required entering a particular field. For instance, ethical hacking, bartending and astrophysics are some of the careers which are still untapped and people are even aware of them. You may want to have a career in Aviation but do not know how to get into it. When you approach a career counsellor, he/she uses their experience and knowledge to help you in exploring various career opportunities.

They broaden your perspective

Whilst you are making your career, you need to make one good decision. A good career counsellor brings you myriad facts and information before you so that you can make the best career move. The case studies and educational tools broaden your perspective and aid you in deciding which career options suit you and what more skills you need to develop. You can contact David Justin Urbas for the same and get the details.

They give you a clear road map

You may have desire and willpower to achieve your goal, but you do not have a roadmap. This will not lead you anywhere. To say focussed, all you need is a roadmap or a ladder to reach success. This is where you need the guidance and motivation of a career counsellor. They not only help you to strategise your career but also give you a futuristic perspective on the same. This helps you in gaining more confidence and developing more skills.

If you are not clear about your job and domain, do not hesitate to contact David Justin Urbas. On not planning to take a career counsellor’s advice can lead you to troubles and you may miss some of the golden periods of your life. From developing various career choices to making you communicate with different industry experts, you can be on the right track within a short period. A career counsellor uses all his resources to make sure that you land in a good job with a bright career prospect. Get in touch with one and see your career shine.


With professional job interview tips from David Justin Urbas, you can be on your journey to leave your interviewer amazed forever. Go through the tips below to understand better.

You found your ideal job and applied for it. Now you’ve been called for an interview. Great! Only a final barrier stands in your way. You need to shine at the interview. But, how can you gear up for a meeting that will allow you to walk out with a great job offer? The answer lies here. Cracking your dream job interview is not as tough as it seems. With professional job interview tips from David Justin Urbas, you can be on your journey to leave your interviewer amazed forever. Go through the tips below to understand better.


1.You need to plan for your interview a night before. Plan your attire carefully in this case. If you have come across the recruiter or HR before the meeting, ask him/her about the professional dress code. Then, choose your attire accordingly. If you are unable to reach out to someone from the company, conduct online research to know what’s proper.

2.Plan your days’ program that can help you arrive 10–15 minutes early. Outline your map and direction to the meeting area. This can help you be rest-assured about arriving on time. If possible, consider carrying out a test run. Also, consider the transportation mode you are likely to use. In case of public transport, make sure to have a backup in case of closures or delays. David Justin Urbas suggests utilizing the spare time to comply with workplace dynamics if you reach early.

3.Carry a pen and notebook with you. Most importantly, carry a few copies of your resume. Taking at least four to five hard copies of your printed CV can help if you are likely to appear for multiple interviews. Highlight particular achievements on your resume you can clearly refer to and talk about. Prepare yourself to jot down notes on a diary or notebook and not on your smartphone. Instead, it is advisable to put your smartphone in your bag. Above all, try to maintain eye-contact with the interviewer as much as possible.

4.Learn about body language and practice good manners. David Justin Urbas recommends practicing a positive and approachable body language from the time you arrive at the interview location. Practicing deep breathing beforehand can help you stay relaxed during the interview. Also, it may help encourage self-confidence.

5.Keep in mind that the interviewer should be the first one to instate a handshake. Stand tall and smile by keeping eye-contact. A great handshake must be solid, but should not squeeze the interviewers’ fingers. Above all, keep the little things in mind. Check your shoes, collar, and tie before you enter the meeting room. Your nails should be tidy, the collar should be well-ironed, shoes should be shiny and tie should be correctly tied. Finally, treat everyone with respect to make a great first impression.

After your meeting, it is suitable to question either your HR, hiring manager or interviewer regarding what should you expect next. This may result in a follow-up email with possible results from the interview. Follow the above-mentioned tips to prepare yourself for your next job interview.


According to Justin Urbas, students need to go with a seamless qualification program. If a student has an interest in the arts and humanities, he/she would not dream of becoming a computer engineer.

Choosing the right career is not an easy task for students. Many of them succumb to their parents’ wishes while deviating from their preferences. In recent times, higher education has become accessible to all students. Different careers have emerged with different job prospects. It is advisable to choose a career path that meets the aim of students. In this way, a student can prosper in his/her field. However, students who have just completed graduation need to align their interests for job opportunities.


How to Choose an Appropriate Career

All students must conform to the below-mentioned tips for choosing an appropriate career of their choice:

  1. Scrutinizing the career options: Before opting for a career path, students should have a fair idea of the job opportunities related to their chosen career option. From the part of students, it is necessary to remain focused on their career goals. According to Justin Urbas, students need to go with a seamless qualification program. If a student has an interest in the arts and humanities, he/she would not dream of becoming a computer engineer.
  2. Take suggestions from a career counselor: This is another thing a student can do to gear up his/her career. More often, a student is unaware of his/her hidden talent unless it is discovered by some other person. With the suggestions of a career counselor, a student can streamline his/her career productively. Graduates can take advice from course-based student advisers. With their help, students can choose an institute that is suited to their career objectives.
  3. Find the right pathway: Students must find the right pathway at a partner institute. A large number of higher education institutions have joined hands with foundation colleges. The interested candidates can avail of a direct pathway if they get admitted to these educational institutes. The direct pathway offers various benefits to students. The credit arrangement program helps students to assess the time frame that is required to complete the pathway. It is a beneficial approach as it enables students to save their time and money.
  4. Go with seamless qualifications: It is undoubtedly the best option for students. Justin Urbas is of the view that the seamless qualification program enhances the skill-set in a student. In these programs, the candidates will get a chance to enroll in a specific program. However, this enrolling procedure depends upon the qualification of students. The transfer is not compulsory in this regard. If any student has an associate degree, he/she does not have to undergo a seamless qualification program.

A student who wants to unleash the floodgates of success must conform to the above-mentioned guidelines. Students need to consider the aspects of job opportunities and their preferences while selecting a career path. If you are a student and in a dilemma regarding the appropriate career choice, try to adhere to the higher education tips.


Career counsellors, like Justin Urbas, claim that the simplest way to become better at interviews is to face more of them. Therefore, keep attending interviews and you will notice improvements, as the days pass.

An interview can be intimidating for people, especially those who are fresh out of college and looking for their first job. However, if you follow a few simple tips, you can crack any interview and impress people on the interview panel. While most people let their nerves get the better of them, career consultants, like Justin Urbas, claim that the key is to think before you speak.


Here are some tips that will help you pass through even the toughest interviews.

Research The Company And Industry

Most first-time interview candidates learn all they can about their subject, but fail to understand that they need to have extensive knowledge about the company they are interviewing at. An interviewer can ask you why you want to join this specific company and not others in the sector. Without research, you cannot come up with a good answer to such a question. Aside from learning about the company, read up on the industry it represents. Keep some relevant statistics in mind. Numbers can really impress interviewers and give off the impression of knowledge.

Make A List Of Your Strengths

Hundreds of other candidates may be interviewing at the company that day. Therefore, it is quite natural for the interviewer to ask why they should hire you instead of the others. Having a list of your USPs handy at this time can be greatly beneficial. However, be honest about your strengths and do not oversell yourself.

Be Inquisitive

It is a misconception that at such a time only the interviewer can ask the questions. In fact, interviewers tend to have a positive outlook on candidates who ask relevant and intelligent questions to the interviewer. Asking questions is seen as a sign of intent on your part and your interest in learning more about the company.

Do Not Forget The Basics

Your body language plays a vital role during the interview. Therefore, remembering the basics, such as knocking before entering the room, a firm handshake with the interviewers, asking permission before taking a seat are some of the things that can make or break your entire interview. Always maintain eye contact with the interviewer and remember to have a smile on your face. All of these are gestures are linked to courtesy and a positive attitude, which helps you secure the job.

Do Not Forget To Breathe

Everyone suffers from nerves during an interview, but the trick is to hide it from plain view. Make sure you draw long breaths to calm your heart beats. Your hands should not be clammy or sweaty before heading into the interview room. Remember that at the end of the day, it is just an interview. If you fail to get through, you can always opt for interviews with other companies.

Career counsellors, like Justin Urbas, claim that the simplest way to become better at interviews is to face more of them. Therefore, keep attending interviews and you will notice improvements, as the days pass. Confidence can help you pass the interview even when you do not know the answers to a few questions.

Job Interview Tips that Will Get You Hired

There are a few ways that can make an interview feel less stressful and below given are a few helpful tips from Justin Urbas to help you get hired. 

It doesn’t matter how many interviews you have gone for, it never seems to get any easier. With each interview, you meet new people, sell yourself and your skills, and often get the third degree about what you don’t know. The worst part is that you have to stay enthusiastic and upbeat through the entire process. This can be daunting, especially if you are interviewing for a job that you would love to get hired for. That said, there are a few ways that can make an interview feel less stressful and below given are a few helpful tips from Justin Urbas to help you get hired.


Research The Company and Industry

Staying prepared for the interview is crucial. An interviewer might ask your perception about the company’s position in the industry, who the competitors are, what the company’s competitive advantage is and how best should the company go forward. In order to answer these questions, you have to thoroughly research the company and its industry. This will make the interviewer feel that you are genuinely interested in the job position.
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6 Tricks to Make Over Your Resume

Is your career as exciting and fulfilling as it could be? If not, our resident resume expert has some great tips on how to refresh your resume to help you attract a more thrilling job this year.

Whether you’re actively job hunting or just casually thinking about what’s next, it’s important to have a fresh and well-written resume ready so you don’t miss out on any opportunities that come up.

If you’re like most of my clients, your current resume doesn’t do you justice. Maybe it’s out of date, maybe it’s too long, or maybe it just doesn’t sell your experience as well as it should.

The job market is more competitive than ever right now and you don’t want a weak resume to hold you back from achieving your full potential.
I’m here to tell you how to make over your resume and start getting the attention you deserve. These are six proven tips straight from my resume writer’s toolkit to help you make a big difference in your resume’s appeal to employers.

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