5 small business ideas from Justin Urbas for young entrepreneurs


Many youngsters wish to start their career as an entrepreneur. However, if you have decided to have your own business, the battle just starts. In order to win this, the first thing you should have, is an excellent business idea which is both practical as well as unique. Here Justin Urbas has shared some inspiring business ideas which you can use to begin the journey.

Start career coaching to others:

Helping others to choose their career would be a great option for your new business. If you love guiding others, then a career consultancy would be the right option f or you. Through career coaching, you can serve clients of all ages, from the freshers to experienced professionals who need to change their career. Along with showing clients the right way to pursue their career, you can help them in developing soft skills and preparing for interviews also.

Start an online retailing service:

Starting an online retailing service is another great idea for new entrepreneurs. To do this, all you require, is an excellent online site and suitable e-commerce software. There are options for selling items directly to customers or you can use a door shipping service. Usually, the young entrepreneurs prefer selling their own products on e-commerce sites. If you do not have own product, selling items from niche manufacturers would be an excellent idea. Apart from that, there are several online marketplaces also where you can sell own products.

Start working as an event planner:

If you love arranging parties and meetings, then turn your passion into a career option. By running an event planning business, you will be able to assist the corporations as well as individuals for arranging specific programs. However, to be successful in this field, you should have an eye for detail. Along with it, you should have enough patience so that dealing with clients becomes easier. While arranging an event, you may encounter several stressful situations. In that case also, you should be able to stay calm and handle those situations.

Launch a home based food business:

For those, who are in love with baking or cooking, running a home based bakery will be perfect. You can start a catering business or personal chef also. By doing this, you can serve the individual clients as well as other local organizations. But, when running the business, you have to keep in mind that such home based bakeries are regulated closely. So, maintain all the rules and regulations at the time of delivering services. Along with it, pay attention to the hygiene also for gaining reputation.

Maintenance services for computers and other electronics devices:
Are you interested about the modern electronics devices? If you prefer spending with the computers and other electronics devices for hours and have sound knowledge on those, providing computer maintenance services would be the right choice for you. There are wide range of services, from simple anti-virus installation to the printer hook ups which you can provide to local people.

Every business needs well formed strategies, adequate fund as well as hard work to grow. Justin Urbas suggests new business owners to get ready for putting enough effort in order to make their business successful.


Justin Urbas – 10 Best Home Remedies For Dog Bites

Dog bites are common, especially if you are a pet owner and any dog takes a nip at you. Whether the bite is serious or just a nip, medication and treatment is necessary. The risk is higher if a rabid dog bites you. It can turn fatal if not treated at the right time.

Even dogs that are not rabid can bite viciously, often causing severe wounds, which need quick attention lest the wound is infected. If you know the owner of the dog that bites you, check with him or her if the dog is immunized, if not immediate medical treatment is essential. However, there are several home remedies for dog bites that can help.

Causes & Symptoms

Causes: Dogs may bite if they are provoked, some may bite even without any provocation.
Symptoms: Swelling and redness in the bite area, fever, formation of pus, sweats, and chills.

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Justin Urbas – Smart Investors Avoid These 7 Mistakes

The Wall Street Jungle, written by Richard Ney in 1970, compares the field of investments to a shadowy, sometimes impenetrable wilderness filled with dangerous beasts and hidden treasures. Blindly venturing into this unknown world can easily end in disaster.

Often, predators such as con men, thieves, and bandits lurk and set traps for overconfident, naive adventurers foolish enough to believe that a free lunch is possible. Inexperience can lead to a failure to recognize risk (or underestimate it) and result in poor decisions and financial loss.

However, overconfidence is more often the cause of investment catastrophes, especially when coupled with the innate tendency of people to follow the herd. In his 1871 book The Descent of Man, Charles Darwin writes, “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”

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