Importance of Understanding Child Psychology for Improving Children’s Lives

Renowned psychologist Justin Urbas has some child psychology based tips that anyone can implement to raise their child better.


Raising a child takes the dedication and love of parents along with a lot of understanding. Child psychology deals with the subject of understanding the mind and thoughts of children, with the aim of improving their lives. Getting a basic understanding of children’s psychology is crucial for all modern parents as the little ones now face a more competitive world. Renowned psychologist David Justin Urbas has some child psychology based tips that anyone can implement to raise their child better. Let’s have a look –

Child Psychology Based Advice for Raising Children Better

Pay attention to them – Make sure that you are observant of your child and how they live their life. Parents should understand how their children communicate and how they react to their environments. By observing your child’s behavior, you can understand their mood patterns. It will help you behave accordingly around them.

Do not be too strict – Correcting a child for misbehavior is quite understandable and necessary on the part of parents. But at the same time, one does not need to be too strict while scolding them. It can make children withdraw and discourage them for expressing anything in the future.

Encourage them – Children’s minds thrive on the encouragement they receive from adults like parents and teachers. So as a parent you should aim to encourage your child in all aspects, from school, to the playground and also in social situations. As a result of this, you will have a more happy and responsible child.

Have more conversations – Try to talk to your children as much as possible, in order to raise their confidence levels. Ask them about school, homework, the playground and more. Talking reduces social awkwardness too, as your child has better confidence to deal with other people too.

Ask them if everything’s okay – Children might be afraid of talking about unpleasant situations and difficulties that they face in school or elsewhere. So from time to time, ask your child if everything is going well. Encourage them to open up about everything that’s going on. Ask them about how they perceive their teachers, school mates, relatives and others they come in contact with.

Be more friendly – Sometimes, it makes sense to just be a great friend to your child and act accordingly with them. They will appreciate it and open up to you more readily in the future. Spending quality time with your children is also important, to strengthen your bond with them.

Spend more time with them – Many modern parents rarely find the time to spend with their children, as they are busy fulfilling professional and personal responsibilities. While this might be your reality too, you have to change it. Try to spend as much time with your children as possible. Otherwise, they might feel badly neglected and helpless. Giving more time for your child is also a way of learning more about their likes, dislikes and preferences.

These simple tips backed by child psychology research can help you raise your child better. You can always consult with a psychology professional for help.

Know These Vital Property Buying Tips For Hassle Free Deals

Renowned property consultant Justin Urbas has some vital property buying tips that can help your decision making.


Investing in a new property is always a daunting task, whether one would like to admit or not. There are a lot of factors to be considered and a lot of decisions to be taken. Whether it’s a new house or office, one needs to make sure that they’re getting good value at healthy rates. Renowned property consultant Justin Urbas has some vital property buying tips that can help your decision making. Let’s have a look –

Top Tips for Property Investments in the USA

Assess the area – This is the very first step that needs to be taken in order to buy a property. You need to carefully assess the area to determine if it is a safe environment to dwell in. Look at the property’s immediate surroundings and neighboring areas. If your gut feeling says there’s something amiss, get more information from local authorities. You can try to look for properties in better environments.

Take faster decisions – If you are waiting for better and better properties to be available on the market, it might be a wrong decision on your part. If there is a property which meets all your criteria for selection, maybe it makes sense to go ahead with it. You might be missing out on a good deal, while waiting for a great one.

Limit spending – One needs to stay within their financial capabilities while choosing properties to be purchased. Why go for something that you are going to struggle to pay? Oftentimes we see situations where people are overtly ambitious about their property choices. It can begin a chain of financial instability and hardships. Your house needs to be comfortable and welcoming, but not necessarily the grandest in the neighborhood.

Take a pre-approved loan – You need to prove that you are financially capable of investing in your new property choice. The verification of your existing financial condition is generally performed by lenders, who determine the maximum amounts to be lended. This is crucial in helping you make your property purchase decisions. It is a good approach to follow as you are not punching above your weight.

Hire a consultant – If you are facing uncertainties regarding the available property choices before you, it makes sense to communicate with a property consultant. They can assess your criteria, expectations and budgets to shortlist the most probable property choices. In addition, a consultant can help you go through all the necessary steps required to purchase a property, while eliminating any hurdles.

Don’t buy without visiting – Everything about a property might sound great on paper and in photographs. But once you visit it, you might not really feel the same about it at all. Various factors need to be considered, including the ambiance, decor, condition of property, its amenities etc. Moreover, you might find that some members of family not being too warm in that particular property at all.

As always, a property needs to be inspected thoroughly before you can go ahead with the purchase. Taking help from a reputed property consultant is the best way to do property dealings.

How To Write a Memorable Fiction Book Review

Reputed book reviewer David Justin Urbas has some key tips that aspiring reviewers can follow.

We all love reading works of fiction as they have the ability to make us feel a wide range of emotions. A good fiction novel can captivate, thrill, excite and sadden with the turn of each page. We get to know about quality novels by reading reviews in newspapers, magazines or online websites. Reviews decide which ones we purchase and which we should ignore. But did you know that anyone can be a credible book reviewer?

Reviewing a book is a way of helping other readers understand if a book is worth investing their money, time and effort into. Reviews are also important as it really makes no sense to judge a book by its cover. If you are keen on reviewing a book, you need to do it well. You cannot just write an essay on your general viewpoints. Reputed book reviewer Justin Urbas has some key tips that aspiring reviewers can follow. Let’s have a look below.

Fundamental tips for writing a memorable fiction book review –

1. Be honest in your viewpoints – Do not think about towing the mainstream line just because another review has got quite famous. If you are going to create a review, make sure you do it in an honest manner. Your readers will appreciate it.

2. Briefly introduce a book – Before you can go into the good, the bad and the not so bad, it is important to tell readers what a book is about. Describe in a few lines what the book is about, at the start of your review. This really has to be brief, and not reveal much about the interesting plots and twists in the story. Avoid including those by all means.

3. What do you like about it – Every fiction book has positives and negatives because we tend to perceive things differently as human beings. Similarly, you might have gotten an idea about the things you enjoyed within the book. Describe that in a systematic manner, starting from key likeable characters, quality of story, plot twists, what appeals emotionally to you, and more.

4. What you dislike about it – List the things you did not enjoy about the book, but be polite in conveying them. No one wants a badmouth and violent review, as that is quite counterproductive. Instead, you can point out certain areas, and explain how they could have been improved. Constructive criticism is well received by readers.

5. Would you recommend it? – Considering all that you like or dislike about a particular book, would you recommend it to readers? This is an important question that you need to answer in order to logically conclude any book review. Tell the readers at large, for whom the book is most suitable for, and give a rough idea about the reading experience.

These are some of the tips you can follow in order to create an engaging fiction book review. Any good review is a structured effort, that gives its readers clarity regarding a book.

8 Proven Ways To Save Tax Dollars and Become Richer

Financial consultant David Justin Urbas has some integral tax saving tips that can come to your aid.

Who does not want to save a few precious dollars when tax time arrives? But it has to be done in a planned and legal manner. Financial consultant David Justin Urbas has some integral tax saving tips that can come to your aid. Let us take a look at the various ways to effectively reduce tax amounts.

Tried and Tested Tax Saving Methods in 2017

Use renewable energy – A convenient and practical way of aging tax credits is installing renewable energy resources like solar energy in one’s home. It is a win win situation,. As you will also be paying lesser energy tariffs for solar and other green energy resource usages. Many homeowners are choosing to upgrade to these forms of energy.

Get a tax expert – A professional tax consultant can be your best friend as that time of the year approaches. They can find areas of deductions as well as credits, to reduce your payable tax amounts. The average person cannot afford the effort required for a complete and structural overview of their finances.

Make donations if possible – Making donations to charity for causes you believe in, is also a win win situation. You can help out where you want, and also gain eligibility for significant tax deductions. However, this is only possible if you maintain and can produce the receipts of such transactions.

Invest in a property – Purchasing a new residential property is a valid way of reducing payable tax amounts. Property buyers should know that the mortgage on a property is tax deductible. Many new buyers keep benefiting from the deductible slabs for their new home investments.

Save for retirement – Who does not want a financially secure future post their career? Investing in a 401k or IRA scheme can go a long way to benefit you during retirement. Moreover, the amounts which are going towards these retirement schemes are generally tax deductible. Consistent cost reductions motivate many working professionals to reconsider retirement investments.

Become a business owner – One of the most credible ways of saving money during tax time is by launching a home business. The costs that are required for the day to day expenses of your business are all tax deductible. If your business becomes a successful venture, it will ultimately be greatly beneficial.

Save on medical – Many of us are unaware that various medical costs are actually tax deductible. This includes costs related to transportation to and from medical treatment centers, a lot of medical supplies and expenses, dental costs and more. It is recommended that you check information online to confirm which medical supplies are tax deductible.

Tax credit scopes – The average household does not put much thought into checking their eligibility for tax credits. There are various factors that can make your beneficiaries when tax filing time comes around. Some of the most common tax credit eligibility criteria are child care, child adoption or low gross household incomes.

If you are keen on reducing your tax bill and get to a more secure financial condition eventually, these tips can help you out.

Most Common Interview Questions You Will Likely Face

Renowned career consultant Justin Urbas has shortlisted some of the most common interview questions.

An interview is a crucial step for achieving that dream job and growing one’s professional ambitions. During any interviews, there are many common questions that candidates are subjected to. The most valuable interview tips are knowing the answers to these questions. Renowned career consultant Justin Urbas has shortlisted some of the most common interview questions. Let’s have a look:

10 Vital Interview Questions and How To Answer Them

1. What can you tell us about yourself?

You should give interviewers a brief introduction of yourself, including your educational and work background. Always be honest about who you are and never exaggerate while listing your achievements.

2. Why do you want this job?

You need to explain why you have applied for the job you are being interviewed for. Answering this carefully is quite important. There may be many different people vying for the same position. You have to ask yourself if your reasons are strong enough.

3. Why should we hire you?

Many candidates with similar qualifications and skills might have applied for that one single position. Yet one will be chosen. It is upto you to prove to them why you are the ideal choice.

4. What do you know about the company?

Research about a company is key to creating a positive impression among interviewers and hiring managers. Make sure you have fundamental information about the company, its achievements and objectives.

5. What is your greatest strength?

Educational and professional qualifications are great but you should always confidently present your strengths. Your greatest strength should be one that can help the company you are about to be hired for.

6. Why are you leaving your current job?

If you are on process of leaving your current job, this is a question that is bound to come up during any job interview. Aspirants must logically conclude the reasons that are influencing them to move on from their current workplaces.

7. How do you handle work pressure?

A company needs to know what a potential candidate can do when he/she is pushed to the limit. If your answers regarding this question are not convincing enough, it could be a make or break situation for you.

8. How much salary are you expecting?

One of the main motivations for people moving on from one workplace to another is money. Everyone’s expectations differ. Some are realistic and some are not, Eventually, your potential employer will come to this question, and you will have to quote an amount.

9. What is your definition of success?

This is one of the most interesting questions that interviewers use to evaluate interview candidates. For some it might be money, wealth, higher professional aspirations, a secure future, and a lot of other things. This question also needs to be answered cautiously but confidently.

10. What are your weaknesses?

Exposing your vulnerabilities to your potential hirers is also a difficult task. But you should handle this question in a tactful manner, and state how you plan to surpass those weaknesses successfully. This might prevent you from looking really weak.

Job aspirants should prepare the answers to these questions before going into the interview.

Top Content Marketing Tips To Follow in 2017

Renowned content marketer Justin Urbas has some fundamental content marketing tips for business writers.

Creating content for effective marketing is a task that requires a certain amount of skill and expertise. Quality content can play a huge role in generating customer engagement, eventually influencing purchase decisions. Renowned content marketer Justin Urbas has some fundamental content marketing tips for business writers. Let’s have a look:

Fundamental Content Marketing Tips for Online Success

1. Invest in paid social ads – If you are trying to promote a blog post link shared on social media or a social media post, it is quite logical to invest in paid social ads. You do not need to break the bank, as something as nominal as $50 can work pretty well initially.

2. Don’t push too hard – Being convincing is one thing and shoving things down their throat is another. Your content should not to be too pushy or potential customers will know that you’re trying to hard. You lose valuable points with them.

3. Long descriptive content – If you are seeking better search rank and offer a better customer experience, long descriptive content is a powerful tool. Content that reaches the 1000+ mark is preferred by most current search engine algorithms.

4. Bring some variety – Maintaining a blog and keeping the interest of readers takes some creative thinking. You should always aim to achieve some variety in your blog posts, and explore different topics. That can raise engagement further and bring in new readers too.

5. Use visuals – Text content can give better results if you incorporate attractive visuals with them. It is truly the age of video and image, as customer attention spans are growing shorter every day. Interesting imagery can leave a more lasting impact on the minds of readers.

Content Marketing, Content Writing, Online Content

6. Try guest blogging – You are presenting yourself as an authority when you make guest blog posts on relevant websites belonging to your specific industry. It is one of the best ways of sending traffic back to your website.

7. Create social presence – One way of maximizing exposure and getting better traffic volumes is creating a robust social presence across all platforms. Create accounts on most of the popular social media channels, and share any fresh content to them upon publication.

8. Simple headlines – The headline is the first view of readers into your content and what it’s about. It is recommended that content marketers use simple and concise headlines, without difficult vocabulary.

9. Work with a sound strategy – Successful content marketing is a systematic process, that builds up the interest of audiences on a regular basis. For this, it is important to formulate a foolproof content strategy.

10. Create value through words – It is quite simple. Right from the start, you must devise ways of creating significant value for readers, Give them reasons to subscribe to your blogs, follow your posts and interact with them. Content should be engaging and useful, and never useless filler.

11. Focus on industry trends – This is one of the fundamentals which is known to each and every content marketer. It just has to be done well. You can make posts regarding the latest industry specific trends, and discuss how they will impact your readers.

The above mentioned tips can be implemented to breathe life into your content marketing efforts, Consulting with an experienced writer can also give you a better idea about effective business and web content.

7 Credible Ways of Saving Taxes You Can Implement.

Financial advisor Justin Urbas has several key tips that you can implement practically to save money with tax payments.

Every year US residents are confronted with the tasks of preparing and filing taxes in order to comply with regulations set by the government. While there is no workaround to having to pay taxes, there are ways you can reduce the financial burden on your shoulders. Financial advisor Justin Urbas has several key tips that you can implement practically to save money with tax payments. Following this can help you generate significant savings.

The Most Practical Tax Saving Tips You Can Use in 2018

1. Give your money away – The easiest way to save taxes is simply by starting to donate to charitable organizations, for causes that you believe in. It is a noble act that which ultimately benefits you, as such charitable contributions are tax deductible. You do need to provide documented proof of your contributions to claim such benefits.

2. Stall education loan payments – If you are paying student loans currently and want to save taxes, you’re better off not clearing the loan amount out as yet. An intelligent decision is to drag your student loan payments for as long as possible. Deductions can be made from your AGI, and you will save some precious tax dollars.

3. Extend your mortgage payments – Many homeowners continue to save tax dollars by extending their mortgage payments. It is a smart strategy that anyone can implement, as the interest amounts on mortgage payments are tax deductible. This is a step that has to be taken in a calculated manner.

4. Save taxes while saving for retirements – Retirement funds are necessary for any individual to get a comfortable lifestyle after they become professionally active. Investing in 401Ks and IRAs are also credible way of saving more money, as you are having to pay less taxes. Retirement fund payments can be deducted from your AGI, thus reducing the amount on which you are to be taxed.

5. Benefits for those with children – Parents who have just brought children into the world or are raising children can benefit for lucrative tax breaks. By means of claiming a dependency exemption, you are eligible to save money made in tax payments. The Child Tax Credit, if you are eligible for it, can also help you get benefits regarding taxes.

6. Save on medical expenses – Certain medical goods and accessories are tax deductible and can help you save money. These include payment for medical fees, hospital or nursing home care, acupuncture, general medical supplies including bandages, and more. Once again, you should have receipts or any other form of documented proof for these payments.

7. Start a new business – Many people fail to realize that launching a new business is a credible way of saving on tax payments. Costs required for your business can be classified as expenses, which are usually exempt from taxes. Having a registered business can be quite effective in reducing tax payments.

There are many more ways of saving money from tax payments that you can seek information about online. Consulting with a financial advisor can also give you a better idea.