How To Write a Memorable Fiction Book Review

Reputed book reviewer David Justin Urbas has some key tips that aspiring reviewers can follow.


We all love reading works of fiction as they have the ability to make us feel a wide range of emotions. A good fiction novel can captivate, thrill, excite and sadden with the turn of each page. We get to know about quality novels by reading reviews in newspapers, magazines or online websites. Reviews decide which ones we purchase and which we should ignore. But did you know that anyone can be a credible book reviewer?

Reviewing a book is a way of helping other readers understand if a book is worth investing their money, time and effort into. Reviews are also important as it really makes no sense to judge a book by its cover. If you are keen on reviewing a book, you need to do it well. You cannot just write an essay on your general viewpoints. Reputed book reviewer Justin Urbas has some key tips that aspiring reviewers can follow. Let’s have a look below.

Fundamental tips for writing a memorable fiction book review –

1. Be honest in your viewpoints – Do not think about towing the mainstream line just because another review has got quite famous. If you are going to create a review, make sure you do it in an honest manner. Your readers will appreciate it.

2. Briefly introduce a book – Before you can go into the good, the bad and the not so bad, it is important to tell readers what a book is about. Describe in a few lines what the book is about, at the start of your review. This really has to be brief, and not reveal much about the interesting plots and twists in the story. Avoid including those by all means.

3. What do you like about it – Every fiction book has positives and negatives because we tend to perceive things differently as human beings. Similarly, you might have gotten an idea about the things you enjoyed within the book. Describe that in a systematic manner, starting from key likeable characters, quality of story, plot twists, what appeals emotionally to you, and more.

4. What you dislike about it – List the things you did not enjoy about the book, but be polite in conveying them. No one wants a badmouth and violent review, as that is quite counterproductive. Instead, you can point out certain areas, and explain how they could have been improved. Constructive criticism is well received by readers.

5. Would you recommend it? – Considering all that you like or dislike about a particular book, would you recommend it to readers? This is an important question that you need to answer in order to logically conclude any book review. Tell the readers at large, for whom the book is most suitable for, and give a rough idea about the reading experience.

These are some of the tips you can follow in order to create an engaging fiction book review. Any good review is a structured effort, that gives its readers clarity regarding a book.

8 Proven Ways To Save Tax Dollars and Become Richer

Financial consultant David Justin Urbas has some integral tax saving tips that can come to your aid.

Who does not want to save a few precious dollars when tax time arrives? But it has to be done in a planned and legal manner. Financial consultant David Justin Urbas has some integral tax saving tips that can come to your aid. Let us take a look at the various ways to effectively reduce tax amounts.

Tried and Tested Tax Saving Methods in 2017

Use renewable energy – A convenient and practical way of aging tax credits is installing renewable energy resources like solar energy in one’s home. It is a win win situation,. As you will also be paying lesser energy tariffs for solar and other green energy resource usages. Many homeowners are choosing to upgrade to these forms of energy.

Get a tax expert – A professional tax consultant can be your best friend as that time of the year approaches. They can find areas of deductions as well as credits, to reduce your payable tax amounts. The average person cannot afford the effort required for a complete and structural overview of their finances.

Make donations if possible – Making donations to charity for causes you believe in, is also a win win situation. You can help out where you want, and also gain eligibility for significant tax deductions. However, this is only possible if you maintain and can produce the receipts of such transactions.

Invest in a property – Purchasing a new residential property is a valid way of reducing payable tax amounts. Property buyers should know that the mortgage on a property is tax deductible. Many new buyers keep benefiting from the deductible slabs for their new home investments.

Save for retirement – Who does not want a financially secure future post their career? Investing in a 401k or IRA scheme can go a long way to benefit you during retirement. Moreover, the amounts which are going towards these retirement schemes are generally tax deductible. Consistent cost reductions motivate many working professionals to reconsider retirement investments.

Become a business owner – One of the most credible ways of saving money during tax time is by launching a home business. The costs that are required for the day to day expenses of your business are all tax deductible. If your business becomes a successful venture, it will ultimately be greatly beneficial.

Save on medical – Many of us are unaware that various medical costs are actually tax deductible. This includes costs related to transportation to and from medical treatment centers, a lot of medical supplies and expenses, dental costs and more. It is recommended that you check information online to confirm which medical supplies are tax deductible.

Tax credit scopes – The average household does not put much thought into checking their eligibility for tax credits. There are various factors that can make your beneficiaries when tax filing time comes around. Some of the most common tax credit eligibility criteria are child care, child adoption or low gross household incomes.

If you are keen on reducing your tax bill and get to a more secure financial condition eventually, these tips can help you out.

Valuable Career Tips To Help You Succeed Professionally.

Career counselor Justin Urbas works with aspiring professionals across the USA. He has some fundamental career tips which can help you get ahead of the curve.

As soon as graduation is completed it is time for the new and aspiring candidates to seek promising professional opportunities. One wrong career move can have a severe and long-running impact on our lives. The importance of taking the right career steps can never be understated. Digging into one’s skills and knowledge can help to achieve the right outcomes. Career counselor Justin Urbas works with aspiring professionals across the USA. He has some fundamental career tips which can help you get ahead of the curve.

The Most Sane Career Tips For Aspirants

Confidence in skills – If you have chosen the industry sector and are seeking opportunities, make sure that you are confident in your own skills. It is crucial to be self assured about your ability of fulfilling requirements of any particular job role.

Growing your skills – Do not be complacent while you are trying to grow your career. If there are any additional courses that can optimize your skills, you can invest your time, money and effort into. With enhanced capabilities, you can improve your position as a high-value job candidate.

No alternative to practical experience – You might want to work in an industry leading organization but it can be a big task without experience. Instead, you can join a startup or small organization to gain some much needed practical experience. A year or two later, you will be better equipped to step up professionally.


Do not jump frequently – A slight raise might be tempting but are your really making the right move? People who change organizations every few months tend to create a negative reputation. This reflects badly on one’s resume, and might prevent potential future recruiters from trusting them.

Cut down the lavishness – It is important to be mindful of one’s finances and in particular, their lifestyle choices. It always makes sense to be saving for a rainy day, as that can be useful while you’re in between jobs. In general too, you should try to curb down luxury expenses, and proactively save money.

Have a great interview – This sounds quite bland and obvious, but it is something that needs to be considered. Aspirants must ace their interviews, and leave no stone unturned in expressing their abilities and talents. You must give employers strong reasons to hire you, over so many other similarly skilled candidates.

Change industry – This can be devastating or enlightening depending on the circumstances in your life. If you are finding no success regarding jobs in a particular sector, maybe it is time to look elsewhere. It is never too late to grab a second chance at professional success, but you must do it in a bold as well as calculated manner.

Building a successful career is like building a property. If the foundation is weak, you can come crumbling down at some point of time. The above mentioned tips should help you take better decisions for your career. You can always get in touch with a career consultant to get more clarity.

Fundamental Photography Tips for Aspiring Photographers.

Photography expert David Justin Urbas has some tips for the aspiring photographer.

Camera Lens

Photography is a vast field of study and application which many aim to build a name in. You might want to achieve some of those incredible shots that you come across in various nature and photography magazines. You might also try them but fail, despite investing in expensive equipment. Do not be disheartened as photography is a science as much as it is an art. Be patient and work on your skills as much as possible. Photography expert David Justin Urbas has some tips for the aspiring photographer. Let’s have a look:

Photography Tips To Help Beginners Get Started

Do not focus on expensive equipment – Many beginners make the mistake of going after expensive equipment right at the start. It must be noted that expensive equipment does not necessarily translate into quality photographs but skill does. Learning and mastering photography is a process that requires a lot of practice and dedication.

Do invest in a tripod – A tripod is necessary in order to prevent photography mistakes due to shaky hands. When you do not have to worry about keeping your hands still, it is a lot easier to focus on clicking good photos. This step helps many novice photographers grow their skill and expertise. Timed shots are better taken with tripods.

Grow your vision – In order to nurture your photography skills, you have to be a keen observer. Look at your surroundings and try to imagine (or capture) frames that interest you. Photography is a method of expressing your vision and creativity to the world. No subject should be underestimated, as you can implement different shots for them.

Make a habit of carrying your camera – It is hard to tell where you will come across shots that are once in a lifetime. For this reason, it makes sense to carry your camera around; as much as possible. If you cannot manage that, make sure that you use a phone with a good camera.


Study light and its uses – Light is the numero uno difference maker, that can change the look, feel, ambiance and meaning of photographs. Any aspiring photographer must study ambient and artificial light, their uses, and how to combine the two for achieving desired results. As with everything else, getting the light just right also takes practice.

Join photography courses – If you are clueless about how to improve your knowledge and ability, it might be a good idea to invest in a quality photography course. Look around online for a beginner or intermediate courses, or enroll in those offered by local colleges and institutes.

Join photography forums online – One of the best places to get help regarding the subject of photography is the Internet. You can join online forums which have communities of experienced photographers. Ask sincere questions about the practicalities of your own experience. You might get the opinions of experts, along with information about the latest trends.

Learning is continuous – Understand that learning is a continuous process and will never end. There will be newer innovation in the field of photography, whether it’s regarding lenses, shooting technology or creative experimentation. Always be ready to learn new things, and incorporate newer techniques to improve your results.

By implementing these simple photography tips you can witness better results with your efforts. You can always get in touch with experienced photographers online or take beginner courses.


Tips on How To Write Quality Website Content.

Website Contents

A website is an online representation of what your business stands for and the messages it wants to convey to the masses. Hence it has to have quality content that is simple to grasp and interesting at the same time. A webpage without useful content can make potential customers leave your site as soon as they get there. Quality website content is quite necessary in order to retain traffic, and move potential customers towards purchase decisions.

It is natural for business owners to be clueless about writing content and that is understandable. Here are some integral website content writing tips from renowned writer David Justin Urbas that can be applied in 2017. By implementing them into your webpage content, you can witness better engagement. Let us take a look –

7 Key Website Content Writing Guidelines in 2017

1. Create value with words – Words and lots of words do not mean much, until you can create value with them. The content on your home, about us and service pages must all be valuable to target audiences. Only then will be convinced to try your products and services. Try to keep your page content direct and engaging.

2. Limit the length – Most audiences visit thousands of websites across the Internet today and also view them on mobile devices. As a result, they tend to have low attention spans and may ignore content that is too lengthy and less readable. So keep your sentences and paragraphs short and crisp. Your readers will thank you for it and actually pay attention to your information.

3. Do not write for search rankings – This is one of the most common mistakes made by numerous business websites. We still come across websites with stuffed keywords and pushy sales pitch type language. Instead of writing to achieve search engine rankings, write content that can be quite useful to your readers. Eventually, your site will be considered to be available by the search engines.

4. Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes – These are inexcusable as they always were. You cannot publish a web page content without checking it thoroughly, Any grammar or spelling mistakes within the content can create an instant negative impression, as soon as readers notice them. There are a lot of online tools that allow instant check of grammar and spelling.

5. Write with authority – When you are talking about a product or service and trying to promote it through content, do it with authority. Make people trust the brand and generate interest for what it has to offer. Powerful content has the ability to boost the conversion potential of businesses. If you are beating around the bush, people are certain to lose interest.

6. Focus on headings – Who would want to read a webpage if the title and headings are not interesting at all? This is something that all writers must pay heed to. Try to come up with unique headings that will grab the attention of even casual browsers.

These are some of the most basic content writing tips that can be utilized while creating content for websites.

8 Higher Education Tips For Achieving Your Goals.

Some integral higher education tips from renowned education consultant David Justin Urbas.

Higher Education

Higher education plays a huge role in defining one’s future professional aspirations. It is one of the most important phases in one’s life. A wrong decision regarding higher education might cost students financially, and halt their ambitions. Here are some integral higher education tips from renowned education consultant David Justin Urbas. These can help you get success through your higher education efforts. Let’s have a look below.

Top Practical Higher Education Tips.

1. Connect with a consultant – Higher education consultants specialize in helping students find the best path forward. Students and their parents can consult with them, to understand the most viable higher education options. Based on a student’s academic strengths and educational interests, consultants can shortlist the best possible colleges or universities. However, consultants are available at all times, if the student needs to communicate during an ongoing higher education course.

2. Pick a good college – This a perhaps one of the most important steps of getting quality higher education. Look around to find the best possible college or university options. Find out if they offer courses for the stream of studies you want to pursue. The decision of which institution you enroll in, is one that can decide what level of educational skills you can gain.

3. Be clear in your objectives – There are some questions one need to ask themselves and find the answers to. These include what skills and knowledge you aim to gain during your higher education period, and how you plan to implement that in order to build a successful career. Unless you are on a mission, it might not be possible to make the most of your higher education opportunities.

4. Be proactive – There is no point in suppressing genuine questions and ideas that come to your mind, while within the class or outside of it. Students should be proactive in communicating among each other, and with the teaching staff if necessary. It is upto you to make the most of your time and available opportunities.

5. Be mentally prepared for change – Higher education entails huge changes in lifestyle, as an increasing number of students have to move away from home. There is no way around it, if one wants to get enrolled in a university of their choice. Campus or rented housing, meeting new faces, staying away from loved ones, and taking care of oneself becomes important.

6. Have a study plan – Having a study plan is one of the wisest and most necessary decisions. Designate specific periods of time you are going to invest in each subject, topic, or assignment. This will help you complete your studies in a systematic manner.

7. Do not skip lectures or classes – It is important to keep up your attendance in the college or university. This is not a question of etiquette but about gaining as much knowledge as you possibly can. You might try to catch up later but that is hardly the ideal way. Taking education and all its aspects seriously will help you enhance your learning.

8. Have some fun – This might seem redundant to some very studious candidates. But we fail to understand how important having a life outside of the curriculum actually is. Spend some time participating in sports, take part in events, and spend quality time with your housemates. A mental balance is quite important to revive your energies and to help you focus.

By implementing these higher education tips in your academic life, you can definitely expect better results. If you need qualified advice regarding higher education, getting in touch with leading consultants can help you out.

Top Home Security Tips That Ensure All Around Protection.

Security consultant David Justin Urbas has some valuable tips you can follow to boost home security.

Home Security

The security of one’s home or office is one of the biggest concerns for almost everyone. If you are away a lot or have children at home, the need for better security systems are magnified. Due to the rise of new technology now there a lot of high-security options for every type of property. The protection of one’s property requires a few integral steps that must be performed by the property owner. Security consultant David Justin Urbas has some valuable tips you can follow to boost home security. Have a look below.

Tips That Can Boost The Security of Any Property

1. Latest alarm systems – The latest alarm systems available in the market have many features which are absent in older ones. They can be connected to one’s computers and smartphones, and send alerts, in case of possible intrusions. The advanced features of cutting-edge alarm systems can prove beneficial for your home’s overall security.

2. Secure your windows – Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of one’s home, as criminals can use them to break and enter. A house that is properly secured but no window protection can be an easy prey. Getting shatterproof glass installed on windows is a good decision. Window alarm systems can also act as additional protection.

3. Get sensor lighting installed – Sensor lighting on your entrances and the approach to your property is a viable method of protection. When someone approaches your home, your sensor lights will be affected. This is a highly effective way of deterring criminals. Sensor lights can help you while leaving or entering your home during the night.

4. CCTVs can be vital – Getting CCTV systems installed is a decision that can definitely boost your home security. With the latest outdoor and indoor CCTVs, you can monitor every area of your property, at all times. DVRs can be setup, to send live as well recorded feeds to your portable devices. So, you can be halfway across the world and still have a look at your porch or garage.

5. Consider getting a safe – If you have got valuables at home, do not leave them laying around or in open view. It is a good idea to buy a quality high security safe for storing valuables. You can get in touch with locally reputed security consultants for purchase and installation of safes.

6. Rekeying – This is an important step especially if you have just moved into a property. It is likely that the previous owners or contractors who worked on the home have spare keys to the existing locks. It is not easy to tell who might have access to such keys. The process is simple and is intended to render the previous key useless. In its place, you can get a new key cut, which only you have access to.

7. Contact a locksmith – Oftentimes, property owners are unsure about what security measures to take for their homes and offices. Contacting a reputed locksmith service provider is the best way to know your best security options. They can recommend the best alarms, intercoms, CCTV systems, and locking systems for your property.

These are some security tips that are applicable for all modern homes and business properties. If you require home security assistance just get in touch with a reputed consultant.