How to Crack Online Interview to Get a Job in 2021

You can get in touch with Justin Urbas interviewing professionals in case you face any problem while preparing.

The widespread effect of the coronavirus pandemic situation has caused the entire industrial world to come on a standstill with the recruitment industry not being an exception. The virus is spreading like a wildfire and this has made the situation so dire that companies are literally striving to maintain their traditional workforce. This, particularly, is having a massive effect on the recruitment process. However, to remain consistent with the situation several companies are conducting online interviews to prevent economic slowdown via technological use like video conferencing and by taking tips form the Justin Urbas interviewing professionals. And, moreover, acing an online interview has always been an enigma for candidates. On one hand, it limits the candidate’s efficiency to show his skills, that he would have shown otherwise on a face-to-face interview. On the other hand, it takes off the nerve of sitting on a face-to-face interview. This context will give you certain tips so that you can guide yourself and ace up for an online interview.

Justin Urbas Interview

  1. First things first, and you should know virtual interviews are equally important as face-to-face interviews. You are recommended to not take it lightly and prepare yourself with same effort and knowledge that you would have done for an in-person interview.
  2. The username you will be using on your website or resume should sound a bit professional. Usernames that sound casual gives a non-seriousness impression and makes the recruiters think the candidate is not up-to-mark for the interview. And, for an applicant’s part, it is considered as an undesirable quality to apply for a job, that too in such a critical situation. You can get in touch with Justin Urbas interviewing professionals in case you face any problem while preparing.
  3. You have to make a list of the companies where you will be attending for an interview. You might have applied randomly, but you need to clear it out as to which companies will be better for you and put them in a single list. Prior to the interview, if you can create a clear idea, you will be able to clear the clutter and focus on the main part.
  4. After you have organized yourself, download the application through which the interview will be conducted. It will be mentioned in the company’s profile and you won’t be having any issue with that. All you have to do is login into the application and become familiar with the app. if you fidget with the tool itself while giving the interview, it won’t put a good impression on the interviewers.
  5. Another thing that you should keep in focus is the corner of your home where you will be sitting for the interview.  Need to ensure that the place is quiet, and no one comes there randomly. Another thing you need to keep in mind is if the Internet connection is good at that place. You can ask a responsible person of your home to control other people from barging in through the door and disturb you.
  6. Make sure you also have a hard copy of the resume and a gentle smile on your face while the interviewers conduct an online interview.

If these tips fall short for you, you are open to get in touch with the Justin Urbas interviewing professionals for professional help.

Get An Idea About How To Crack An Interview Confidently

Are you fresh out of your college and are super excited to step into the job world? If yes, then what is the first thing you need to work on? You need to prepare a good resume with all the important details. Now comes the most important part about cracking an interview. This is the final hurdle that you need to cross before landing the job, but it is not as easy as it seems. According to career consultant Angelica Urbas, an interview is not just a sit and talk session where you blabber non-stop. There are a few things that you need to take into consideration in order to be presentable at an interview and crack it with utmost panache!

Know In Detail About The Employer And The Job Opportunity – The success of the primary part depends on how much you are acquainted with the employer’s foundation. Have a solid foundation of knowledge about the employer, the requirement of the job and the interview panel. The more research you do from beforehand, the more chance you have to answer questions about the organization. Scour anything about the organization that you get, be it the website or other published materials.

Review Common Interview Questions And Prepare Your Answers – You need to prepare beforehand about the common interview questions. Fumbling in front of the employer is the worst thing you can do. So, practise and prepare about the responses to the most expected interview questions. Practise according to what type of interview you are attending to, like whether it is a one-on-one or in a group. While answering, compose a detailed but concise version which will have its focus on the specific accomplishments and examples.

Dress For Success – An impression matters a lot when it comes to interviews. Think of a wardrobe that goes with the culture and the aesthetics of the organization, and get dressed in a most professional appearance that you can muster. Wear something that is sober in color and which is cleaned and pressed. Do not overdo your makeup or your accessories and make sure to not eat anything right before the interview. A first impression lasts for a longer time than you can imagine, in case of an interview.

Arrive On Time – When Angelica Urbas tells you to be on time for an interview, it means that reach the place at least fifteen minutes early. You cannot be late for an interview by any means as that will be short of a disaster! Not only it clears you off the risk of getting late, reaching early gives you enough time to observe the surroundings and the dynamics of the organization. Get your resume and important documents arranged one day before as you do not want to run helter-skelter right on the day of the interview.

Follow these steps and be at your professional best at the threshold of obtaining the goal of landing the job of your dreams!

Most Common Interview Questions You Will Likely Face

Renowned career consultant Justin Urbas has shortlisted some of the most common interview questions.

An interview is a crucial step for achieving that dream job and growing one’s professional ambitions. During any interviews, there are many common questions that candidates are subjected to. The most valuable interview tips are knowing the answers to these questions. Renowned career consultant Justin Urbas has shortlisted some of the most common interview questions. Let’s have a look:

10 Vital Interview Questions and How To Answer Them

1. What can you tell us about yourself?

You should give interviewers a brief introduction of yourself, including your educational and work background. Always be honest about who you are and never exaggerate while listing your achievements.

2. Why do you want this job?

You need to explain why you have applied for the job you are being interviewed for. Answering this carefully is quite important. There may be many different people vying for the same position. You have to ask yourself if your reasons are strong enough.

3. Why should we hire you?

Many candidates with similar qualifications and skills might have applied for that one single position. Yet one will be chosen. It is upto you to prove to them why you are the ideal choice.

4. What do you know about the company?

Research about a company is key to creating a positive impression among interviewers and hiring managers. Make sure you have fundamental information about the company, its achievements and objectives.

5. What is your greatest strength?

Educational and professional qualifications are great but you should always confidently present your strengths. Your greatest strength should be one that can help the company you are about to be hired for.

6. Why are you leaving your current job?

If you are on process of leaving your current job, this is a question that is bound to come up during any job interview. Aspirants must logically conclude the reasons that are influencing them to move on from their current workplaces.

7. How do you handle work pressure?

A company needs to know what a potential candidate can do when he/she is pushed to the limit. If your answers regarding this question are not convincing enough, it could be a make or break situation for you.

8. How much salary are you expecting?

One of the main motivations for people moving on from one workplace to another is money. Everyone’s expectations differ. Some are realistic and some are not, Eventually, your potential employer will come to this question, and you will have to quote an amount.

9. What is your definition of success?

This is one of the most interesting questions that interviewers use to evaluate interview candidates. For some it might be money, wealth, higher professional aspirations, a secure future, and a lot of other things. This question also needs to be answered cautiously but confidently.

10. What are your weaknesses?

Exposing your vulnerabilities to your potential hirers is also a difficult task. But you should handle this question in a tactful manner, and state how you plan to surpass those weaknesses successfully. This might prevent you from looking really weak.

Job aspirants should prepare the answers to these questions before going into the interview.

Interview Tips That Can Prove Helpful To Boost Your Chances.

Career consultant Justin Urbas has some basic tips for reducing interview jitters. These are proven ways to eliminate all fear and uncertainty and have the best possible interview

An interview is one of the most important events that we have to participate in from time to time., Whether you are fresh out of college or an experienced professional looking for a change, a good interview is vital for landing any job. It is a fact that many talented people fail to grab job opportunities due to unsuccessful interviews. For that reason, it is important to learn how to make the most out of each and every interview. Your future possibilities and professional aspirations depend on how well you do.

It is normal for people to get nervous when the time of an interview approaches. Therefore, it is important to take such emotions sportingly, as it happens to almost everyone. Even the most well prepared and confident candidates can experience pangs of nervousness and uncertainty. After all, a lot can depend on how well an interview goes. Career consultant Justin Urbas has some basic tips for reducing interview jitters. These are proven ways to eliminate all fear and uncertainty and have the best possible interview. Have a look below.

Useful Interview Tips Which Can be Utilized by Anyone.

1. Grab the interview – The very first step is to get selected for an interview in the first place. For that, it is important to update one’s resume regularly, and add any relevant skills that have been recently acquired. Make sure that you do not include something irrelevant in your resume, as that can backfire during the interview.

2. Aim for punctuality- Being on time is one of the most important things that your potential employers can take a note of. It is important to reach the interview location a short while before the interview time. However, you should make it a point of reaching there and sitting down for two or more hours. That also conveys a lack of discipline and punctuality.

3. Be well prepared – When you are applying for a particular job profile, make sure that you have complete information about it. Know what the responsibilities are and what is expected of you. In addition, one should conduct significant research about the hiring organization, its history and vision. It is important to be completely prepared for any and every question.

4. Be presentable – Any extravagant clothes, hairstyles, footwear or accessories can cause interviewers to mentally disqualify any candidate. This means that professional attire is a must, if you are serious about landing the job.

5. Just the right body language – Along with the proper professional attire, the right body language is integral towards creating a positive impression before and during an interview. Stand, walk and sit straight, stop fiddling with your fingers, and maintain proper eye contact with the person sitting across the table. Slouching and fidgeting is bad and conveys uncertainty. At the same time. Acting forcefully confident or arrogant is as bad as showing lack of it. So just be calm and collected, but expressive when required.

By following these simple tips, you can excel during your interview and increase your chances of getting hired. If you need any help with your interview skills, communicating your issues with career consultants can be of help too.

12 Do’s and 12 Dont’s for A Good Interview by Justin Urbas

Interviews are vital events that can decide the fate of our professional aspirations, and also determine our future security and financial stability. No matter what kind of interview you are about to go for, it is always best to stay prepared. It is always good to be prepared and put the best of ourselves forward, to impact interviewers and company managers in the best way. On that note, let us look at some effective tips regarding interview do’s and dont’s from renowned educational consultant Justin Urbas. Read on to find out what to do, and what not to do for an effective interview.

Do’s For a Successful Interview

1. Always stay prepared with answers to the most common interview questions, as they are quite crucial to an interview’s outcome.
2. Dress appropriately and not in a way that brings unwanted attention to you. Stay properly groomed in regards to hair, facial hair and overall appearance.
3. Stay confident throughout the interview and try to make potential employers understand why you should be the chosen one.
4. Smile and shake hands firmly.
5. Maintain proper posture from the time you get in the door, to the time you leave.
6. Send a resume that accurately lists your actual skills, and is not falsified or fluffed up in anyway.
7. Stay calm and relaxed. Fidgety movements, shaky voices and weak handshakes are all negatively perceived.
8. Know basic information about the organization you have applied for, your job role and responsibilities.
9. It is always recommended to carry extra resumes and identity proof copies just in case they are needed.
10. Asking questions proactively about your job role, expectations, performance and organization is a good idea.
11. Stay prepared for strange and unrelated questions out of the blue.
12. An interview is about selling yourself and your talents, to win over the employer.

Interview Don’ts Which Can Harm Your Chances

1. Dressing inappropriately or in an unprofessional manner might make you lose, even before you’re in the door.
2. Shabby personal hygiene, unkempt hair, tattered clothes etc. might create negative impressions.
3. Don’t fluff up your resume while mentioning skills, as your lies will be exposed sometime in the future.
4. Never lie about your overall work experience as verifications can lead to embarrassment.
5. Bad breath and odor/smelly clothes are a strict no-no. If you can’t be sincere enough to take care of these, maybe you do not deserve the job.
6. Slouchy and unconfident posture must be avoided at all costs. Try to appear as confident as you possibly can.
7. Don’t be overconfident and don’t answer questions, or speak, in an arrogant manner. Interviewers can see right through your insecurities.
8. Don’t go to an interview without knowing about what the company does, and what they would hire you to do.
9. Don’t forget to keep your communication devices i.e. cell phones, tabs, etc. switched off or silent during an interview.
10. Don’t be unnecessarily nervous as there is no need to be. Either you get a job or you move on to the next interview.
11. Don’t ask for interviewer’s personal contact information or make them any offers i.e. night outs or drinks etc.
12. Don’t talk about sensitive personal or family related matters during an interview.

By following these simple interview do’s and don’ts, you can improve your chances of landing a job. Stay positive and excel your interview without worrying about the outcomes.

David Justin Urbas – Simple Interview Tips for Better Chances of Landing a Job

Going for an interview can be a difficult experience for many job aspirants if they are not prepared for it. Some of the most talented job seekers lose out to less skilled individuals due to poor interviews. Thus it is important to improve one’s confidence, communication skills, and knowledge about the area concerned. In order to excel an interview and grab a job, one has to put their best foot forward. It is about selling yourself as a potentially valuable asset, which can prove beneficial for the organization you tend to join. Achieving perfection in interviews is an acquired skill, which can take years to perfect. There is no such thing as perfect, when it comes to hiring sessions. Even excellent interviews don’t guarantee a job, but they do increase your chances dynamically.

However, some simple tips can help you be more poised and confident in your efforts. These are tried and tested methods and views, which continue to help individuals sound the world in their interviews. After all, a good interview is an important prerequisite to acquiring any job. Let us look at some of the most common tips for successful interviews. Educational consultants like Justin Urbas offer valuable interview tips for freshers and experienced professionals as well. Let’s have a look –

Interview Tips for Freshers and Experienced Candidates

1.Research is important – Do your research regarding the responsibilities and role of the job you have applied for. Make sure that your skills match the requirements set forth by the employers. Gain more information about the company and the industry it operates in.

2. Know about your employers – Gain complete information about your potential employers, including their history, major milestones, mission and vision. This information can most definitely be useful during an interview.

3. Appearance is important too – One must ensure that they are appropriately dressed and groomed for an interview. Always prefer formals and clean facial hair styles (if you keep any). First impressions do play an important role in the success of your interview. Same goes for your body language, which cannot be fidgety and nervous.

4. Master the common questions – This is one of the most important interview tips one can give you. The usual questions regarding your identity, reason for applying, reason for quitting previous organization(s), and why you should be hired. If you are confident and determined in addressing these questions, the interview might move towards a better outcome.

5. Be confident, not overconfident – Being confident is definitely a necessity, when it comes to cracking an interview, and getting selected for a job role. But one must ensure not to fake confidence, as employers can clearly see through the facade. Overconfidence/cockiness can backfire terribly, and make you lose out.

6. Keep a clean online profile – Most companies seek information about applicants, and can view one’s social and online profiles with ease. Other information which they might access include comments and views you have made on various channels. So, if you are serious about landing a job, it is recommended that you keep a clean profile.

These are some important tips which can help you gain better success in your job interviews. By following these basics, you get to be more confident about your possibilities.