Teaching kids about positive thinking is probably one of the best ways to prepare them for life challenges they will have to deal with throughout life. If you teach your children how to be positive early in life, you will create a healthy habit of positive attitude, successful problem solving and build powerful coping skills. All these skills are very helpful to ease the pressure and stress of both growing up and adulthood.

Teaching kids to be positive is teaching them to have a good life

A positive view of life is a proven protective factor in dealing with stressful situations. Kids who are able to see the future optimistically are less likely to follow negative influences and exhibit less self-destructive behavior (smoking, drugs, alcohol) than kids with low expectations of what the future might bring.

Positive thinking for kids can be reinforced by caregivers (parent, teachers), but also by authority figures who children perceive as their role model (favorite uncles, aunts, older cousins, friends etc).

More at: http://kidsfirstcommunity.com/respect-and-character/teaching-kids-to-have-a-positive-attitude-and-positive-thinking/

Author: justinurbas

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