Four Travel Tips During COVID-19

Follow these steps and contact the the professional travel guides of Justin Urbas to safely enjoy the vacation.


The COVID-19 pandemic situation has brought with it the new travelling essential tips. With the news about opening of airports and all destination spots, it looks like traveling is again getting normalized, but with some of the precautions in its place. And, with the holidays around the corner, people are becoming eager to take the much-needed winter vacation. But, is it actually a smart thing to travel amidst the pandemic situation? Yes, it is, only if you can follow contact the traveling professionals of Justin Urbas and follow these four essential travel tips for the safety of your family members, and most importantly, you.

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Know the rate of COVID-19 infection of the destination spot

A wave of risk always stays when the coronavirus is still broadly circulating in the atmosphere, irrespective of the place you are traveling to. In many parts of the world, the states are witnessing new heights of COVID-19 infection rates. Therefore, knowing the actual infection rates of COVID-19 of the place you will be visiting becomes an essential tip.

For instance, if you are planning to visit a place where the infection rate is quite high, the chances will be more that the passenger traveling with you will have the infection, thereby, raising your risk of getting infected.

Consider your health situation along with your family members

The next important question that you should contemplate is how risky it would actually be for you to travel amidst the pandemic situation. Every matter that is related to COVID-19 needs to be individualized. Every person willing to travel must look at the intensity of risk due to the virus through their personal perspective.

You should see your doctor and go through some of the regular tests that check your diabetes, kidney problem, obesity or heart conditions before you step out for your vacation. This way you will know if you are really safe for yourself and others.

Decide on the mode of travel

Although the airports are all open to help passengers fly from one place to the other, still experts suggest that driving to the destination spot is much safer. Flying can be relatively safe but, you have to follow a long list of precautions before boarding the train or flight. The airline you will choose must be cleaned thoroughly and they should make their passengers sit at sufficient distance from each other. And, being a passenger, you must also keep in mind the norms you are required to follow, such as wearing mask and constantly using sanitizers to avoid transmission of disease. The professional travel guides of Justin Urbas can help you travel safely in personal cars.

Be choosy about the place you will stay

Fortunately, most of the hotels are paying close attention to following the safety norms to keep their guests safe from the disease. They are sanitizing the rooms frequently and sometimes buffering the rooms to keep them unoccupied for some days. You may even rent a house if you have elderly person in your family or kids to avoid contact with other people. Choose a hotel with well-ventilated rooms and that allows fresh air and sunshine to pass through.

The plumbing companies some of the following measures due to the COVID 19 pandemic situation. These are as follows:

  1. They avoid shaking hands and stand at a distance while talking to you.
  2. They wear gloves and disinfectant everything while performing their task.
  3. They essentially wipe the payment card before processing the payment.

Follow these steps and contact the the professional travel guides of Justin Urbas to safely enjoy the vacation.


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