The multi-talented personality, David Justin Urbas is a successful entrepreneur in various fields of work. Here, he suggests some tips on the ways in which you can make your home safe and secured.

Whether you are residing in an old house or a brand new apartment, it is always necessary to keep your home safe and well-secured. With the evolution of science and technology, the security systems used today in different households, across the world are of various types, endowed with several advanced features. The multi-talented personality, David Justin Urbas is a successful entrepreneur in various fields of work. Here, he suggests some tips on the ways in which you can make your home safe and secured.


Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

It is essential to safeguard your house and your loved ones from the prying eyes of burglars, strangers and thieves. So, if you are keen to walk the extra miles and make your house protected from any kinds of intruders, here are some of the chief aspects and tips to consider.

1.Check All the doors of the house
It is your primary responsibility to check all the doors in your house, particularly the front doors and gates. Burglars most often target the front doors to utilise even the minutest chances of being less guarded. You should thoroughly check the exterior and interior doors, located in the entire house or apartment, and make sure that those are locked properly before you leave. It is necessary to check all the locks, hinges, bolts, and door frames to see if those are strong enough to prevent any intrusion. As an added security measure, you can install a deadbolt at the main entrance and exit doors, and install a strike plate. If necessary, you may also install a video doorbell and smart locks which can be operated and controlled from remote devices, helping you to keep a watch on your house.

2.Check the windows of the house
Windows are one of the most common points of entry for robbers and burglars. They usually target the windows of the house, as these remain open, most of the times, and thus can be conveniently reached out by the thieves. David Justin Urbas suggests the locks and key-operated levers and latches if you feel that the windows are not safe and secured by themselves. You may install windows and glass breaking sensors which can alarm you the moment there is some unprecedented movement. For extra security, you can opt for windows which have bars or in which the window glasses are secured with a security film.

3.Lighting up the exterior of the house
You should keep in mind that burglars and thieves never want to stay under bright light – they do not want to get spotted. So, you can keep these lawbreakers at bay by lighting up your house, particularly the exterior parts, including the backyards, balcony, terrace, pathway and sidewalks. For additional safety, you can install motion-activated lights, which can raise an alarm in case of any intrusions. To save energy, you may use solar panels, or place a timer on the outdoor lights.

David Justin Urbas also points out that you should set CCTV cameras, install a home security system, and lock up the garage area every time before leaving the house. You should also lock up your home Wi-Fi network, and keep all your precious items and jewellery safely under lock and key, always.

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